Central hero: Patón Bauza returned home to come back for himself as a coach


The image that is expected in Rosario: Bauza with the Argentine Cup Well: THE NATION – Belief: Marcelo Aguilar

Rosario Meadhanach

he is his house, training, missing. Then he learned to be a leader, to become a leading musician, to work his daily bread in football with responsibility and attendance. As a player he had good performances. That is

Edgardo Bauza,

Patón, the coach who returned home to become a champion.

It was part of big teams that eventually gave the local thrush. Two "cheats", led by Arroyito's greatest hero, "Don" Ángel Thulio Zof, were very happy for himself and others. The National of the 80, winning its & # 39; final to Racing de Córdoba de Coco Basile, and then the 86/87 competition with Omar Palma.

As a DT problem it was difficult, if this can be measured by that rod. He made a big team in the Apertura 98 by Juan Antonio Pizzi as a flag: he got 43 points as a result of fourteen and fierce effects, and had to settle for the second, behind the disastrous river run by Ramón Díaz. In that same year, he lost his defeat against Santos, from Brazil. He fell in the first leg in Brazil and did not; The connection of zero in the Giant can be converted to the situation. In 2001 the Libertadores's two conclusions reached eliminating Pachuca, Mexico. Nearby, Bauza was always near.

Bauza came to Central Rosario in a very amazing way. His last jobs had been in his position, as if closing close to the same, according to a clear age, had manned his strength. His time in the Argentine team was in opposition to advocates, and his position was unhappy. Then Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirate came. The problems were almost the same.

When he is in Ecuador, where he lives with his wife and daughter, waiting for him, the love for Rosario Central was bigger. No money can be & # 39; A bauza competition with auriazul's heart at Bauza, a historical symbol, even though it's Refeat feeling of the Genoa and Cordioviola club. He came to revenge revenge and another glory. He got them.

Today's Super League is not the best. After a bad shot into his football trail, which was defeated by the Argentine Cup, who worked as a balm. In this competition, and not to # 39; playing well, he was winning, by & # 39; attacking Antoniana Youth, punish Talleres and Almagro, suffering a lot in each game. Then a successful impact in a & # 39; classic against Newells regularly, was very shocking against Temperley in the half-conclusions, where once again he was convinced at the time of breaking up a penalty. And finally … Everyone knows about what has happened in the past already. Everyone saw Patón Bauza already with her hands.

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