Ceramica Cleopatra gained benefits from war time


Ramadhan Al-Sayed, a coach of Ceramica Cleopatra's first team, said his team had benefited from the dependence of a second division.

"During this time the team has played a series of friendly games, which has made a huge contribution to the error handling we have made in the last league games.

He said he was trying hard during the suspension time to raise the fitness level of his players, and for some of the mistakes they had, who were the first to have been doing; spend easy access to them in the games.

He continued with the team preparing for the next game the next Thursday against Damietta and we try to measure three points on the journey we are going to do; to attack Al Sawa for his Premier League.

He is aware that Ceramica Cleopatra is taking place second in the Cairo Division's second division with 17 points.

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