CES 2019: what we hope to see in the world's biggest technology event – 05/01/2019


Again, big city Las Vegas it is the largest place International Fair of Consumer Electronicsno CES 2019 ("Show Electronics Electronics") that begins on Tuesday next year. Between television with prominent panels, flexible cell phones, attachment 5G and privacy "All connections", the story will try to spell an activity that combines technology of all kinds, which often makes it possible; left little taste and where the big crests are they will measure the strength.

One of the most outstanding results in this edition of the CES is not television: there are a number of brands that have prepared modules with prominent panels and a screen with higher features for the current market. With the 8K in the eye, when the 4K is still not in place.

Last year, an ongoing TV model was given as if it were a card. Now we hope to see it very much.

In cell phones, though flexible screen of Samsung is one of the new stories announced last year and that's the expectation, March is the official departure date. With that, we could be empty if we are Try to try this new chick in Las Vegas. In addition we should still have a little better understanding what do you need to answer it?.

Here, one to one of the things that may be revived. No, sea in many cases, not just a prototype that the ultimate user will never get.

Television and surveyors: the bread per CES

Always bigger, with (better) better definition, clarity, comparison and more pixel. Television is not the main musicians of the CES and 2019 only.

LG already stated that there will be new models with editors Alpha 9 second generation, capable of scaling, moving and microdetal to develop the image. But no matter what its real estate company has at & # 39; company in Scotland Rollable OLED.

ThinQ OLED 8K, with Alpha 9 processor (DPA)

ThinQ OLED 8K, with Alpha 9 processor (DPA)

LG is another heavy innovation Search for UK species, a powerful presenter in December and has 18 centimeters Ultra HD imaging. The gamers are considered, on the other hand, in the new exams: the UltraWide would be wider, 49 inches, with a renewable level 144hz.

LG CineBeam

LG CineBeam

The purpose of the screen is to go around it 8K, the technology that should happen to the current 4K tiles, even when they did not even take a lot.

But not just LG who lives on CES screens. Samsung may be sending news in this area after a long time: 2019 Frame and Serif TV. These are two things that have a design side to protect the TV status and look like a picture or decoration. With the average CARRY OUT (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode: better difference, greater clarity and color size) of the Tire company.

An Frame 2019 It includes a light sensor so that the clarity can be changed to & # 39; match the room. Another element that it is trying to show more is like decorative a housing tool.

Samsung Frame 2019

Samsung Frame 2019

There are also facts about a TV made by Amazon, with integrated Echo, the interactive tool for playing music and answering voice commands that correspond to the name Alexa.

Finally, we can see more clear screens, with resources that are difficult for the average audience to understand, but that does not match the technological tension that today presents more films than real. Panasonic LG has added these products, which has already been seen by CES two years ago.

The flexible phone screen: is it now?

So far this technology has been developed by Chinese people Royole under the name of FlexPai. But the equipment did not increase.

Royole FlexPai: a duplicate phone

Royole FlexPai: a duplicate phone

Samsung was very impressive about this 2019 CES flexible umbrella. Delivered in November last year, they took into account the entire market that was not so great for being useful, but for the sake of being an exhibition that can be uninterrupted bend.

March is its official first day, which is & # 39; express the opportunity to see, & # 39; influencing and testing this new technology in Las Vegas. In particular to think this is the end of the # 39; February World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​where the news on mobile phones in the world is on display. There are more opportunities for South Carolina 's company to take away.

But this does not mean we do not; going to see anything: LG It also works on a flexible screw device and we may now have news. Especially if you include that the roller screen is already.

Amongst facts and drafts, however, CES may be the most controversial thing: this is the most impressive concept of new technologies, but with less certainty, in terms of their need.

The LG exercise

An CLOi SuitBot It's not something new: it's a kind of stickers that are going on; stretch around the torch and feet to help with corporate efforts. Now, LG will present a new line of those robots, PorterBot, ServeBot and CartBot, le false information It also provides information on the most effective movements to save energy and invest well.

These support and enhance butterfly power to make it easier to build and reduce heavy items.

CLOi SuitBot is LG

CLOi SuitBot is LG

It is another duty to carry luggage or buyers in supermarkets and shopping centers to move a big shift.

5 (and 6?) G: the connection that comes to the devolution cars

Mobile phone internet connection is very important to the technologies that come. Typically, cell phones are considered, but there are things like that too devolution cars –One of the stars is always present at CES – for example, which requires many mobile data to be used.

That's why a 5G connection is aimed at it large number of data What is needed to process this type of vehicle.

With regards to mobile phones, everything is indicating that Sony has a " display to phone Xperia 5G. The Japanese would be affected by Samsung, which would bring this technology to the S10 later.

The 5G will be important for the next home and mobile families. (Bloomberg)

The 5G will be important for the next home and mobile families. (Bloomberg)

There will also be a conference 6G, which creates enjoyment and expectations: "The first quantum system will be available within 10 years but there are already prototypes: 6G will have an impact on this technology to make information traffic possible, "Cisco and Axios explained, two of the companies involved.

Over time for the average user, and even more in Argentina, where the usual connection is bad.

Kitchens smart Wise beans

In the white line, the satirical amalgamation of household appliances is going longer. LG will start a new line of it fabrics, fridge and kitchens. The second says that preparations and recipes are made automatically.

Echo from Amazon could be included in the microwave and other kitchen appliances.

It identifies the relationship between a man and another: a & # 39; There is nothing in the kitchen available in the mushroom in a bad idea to tell what food they eat at night.

But one of the pearls is luckily "nespresso", that works with a capsule: an LG HomeBrew. It must be confirmed, even though the sequence is two blocks long.

LG HomeBrew: to make a mountain. (LG)

LG HomeBrew: to make a mountain. (LG)

Intel, AMD and Nvidia: between computers and tablets

Intel, the world's leading microprocessor maker, produces the production of his new material with ten cores: Comet Lake.

AMD only states that it will provide "re-generational" products, which do not say much. It is expected to bring its new architecture Zen 2 and Navi in CPUs and GPUs.

Brian Krzanich, Intel Chief Executive, last year at CES. (Bloomberg)

Brian Krzanich, Intel Chief Executive, last year at CES. (Bloomberg)

For it, Nvidia last year gave the new series of video cards for high performance activities in creating content and, indeed, playing. It's happened that the RTX very expensive and, for this reason, it can show its midfielder: RTX 2070 and 2070 Max-Q and the 2060 Ti and 2050.

There is less information if we believe these GPUs are performed in Argentina between 50 and 80 thousand pesos.

The editors, a key part of the VR. (AP)

The editors, a key part of the VR. (AP)

So, a new edition of the CES will look at the debugging technology talks in 2019. To lose one last issue for anything less: the security of the data of the user It will also be in the center of the scenery.

As the "Internet of Things" is happening, more obviously, the personal data usage system is in addition to those used by the user who "listen" to the user with the flavors, their choices and, in particular, questions about confidentiality.

Although there is no doubt a number of advertising companies will continue to have more attention in individual displays, the letters will be placed on the board in more than 250 conferences that will be among them 4,500 exhibitors who will interpret their new ideas.

It is only for those days to see who the person stands above his & her; surplus, or if so, almost as it is always, one CES.

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