Ceumannan: how much would the dollar be in the end of 2019


Year will be & # 39; ending and out of the studies and statistics made at the end of the year, the councilors started some of the project figures for 2019 and one of the most remarkable things is that it has made the price of the dollar .

Although last year's government did not have the potential for increased US currency, there were a number of councilors who estimated the numbers that existed; We have today or were very close.

Ecolatina economic consultation report, published by Team, Show that the named appointment is more patient in 2019 and expect a dollar around $ 51.5.

Ecolatina said the "exchange rate" was not "real", so that the high weights would be more limited.

At the time the money would be harder, the elections and the uncertainty about who the next president would be close. It would be another factor for the price of money to be doubtful about how to make money. paying back the debt, which would also emphasize exchange rate liabilities.

In other numbers, the consultation plans to grow between 32-33% in 2019, slightly above inflation.

On the other hand, in 2019, formal salaries will start to be & # 39; year with great increases due to this year's equality audit clause. They will see a 35% increase next year, which will record upgrades higher than the level of salary and public service levels throughout 2019.


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