CGD had not checked for Berardo personal qualification Banking


At the end of 2008, the General Board of Directors Caixa Geral de Deposits informed the board that José Berardo had given the BCP new division to the bank, as well as "personal commitment by Commander José Berardo of 37.8 million euros. Euros" # 39; Preservation of a foundation, commissioned during the reign of Carlos Santos Ferreira. Ten years later, EY examined the management activities of the organization between 2000 and 2015 and made conclusions: BCP shares were sold with a designated depreciation; no proof of getting to & # 39; personal complaint, or evidence of the case. The product is very familiar: its impact is; Caixa on Berardo broke out and gave an overall revival of nearly five billion euros.

For more than ten years, CGD recognized her client José Berardo to " Having difficulty in installing debt was 347,462,707.89 euros already. The credits were contracted between 14 July 2006 and 28 May 2007, in the middle of the war for BCP control, and made a huge contribution to investing the investor in the fight against Jardim Gonçalves.

The tightening of the pipeline grew from the beginning of 2008, as soon as the BCP band of war, which had been promised as a debt, started. decreased regularly. The red line was broken on 16 January 2008, when its price fell to 1.86 euros, under 1.87 euros, the rate measured by Caixa's services to pay 100% of the debt. The level of contract is 1.94 euros per share. Instead of selling BCP department as soon as possible; and they went into a free fall, which would reduce the losses associated with these users, Caixa's control was to pull out the decision. At the beginning of 2010, it maintained a total of 127.5 million titles, with the value of the stock market much lower.

At the end of 2008, José Berardo's problems are in paying a & # 39; Chaixa can be seen. This is evident from the minutes of the Big Air Board (DGE) meeting, held on 9 December, after leaving Carlos Santos Ferreira Caixa and when Faria de Oliveira replaced him. According to the report issued, and the content was consolidated on 15 January 2009, that was by Francisco Bandeira (former head of Santos Ferreira), and PUBLIC had access to, the client was For a period of grace and capital for a period of 24 months, in terms of credits contracted in 2007 by Fundação José Berardo (297,462,707.89 euros) and in 2006 with Metalgest (50 million).

From reading the document, it is recognized that the technicians are worried. From the beginning, they decide that a & # 39; Public bank in Berardo 347,462,707.89 euros, and is now located (approximately 200 million euros). That is, almost 60% of the debt. But the adverse effects are recorded later, more importantly in 2015 and 2016.

Warranty Application

The Big Business Directorate reports on what services are being done so that Berardo can pay and pay off the debt; the cover of the deficit. And they report on what they did in the previous months: an application for reinforce warranty, with additional commitment from BCP balls, a commitment of PT pensions and a 40% commitment of the Berardo Collection Society. And to return 23 million of her & # 39; credit granted. And interest, but only part, from which the client failed 7,520,658.30 euros of interest to pay on 28 November 2008.

The coaches also show: "Commander José Berardo's personal support is at a valuable level of 37.8 million." And, "for this operation [a parcela do crédito dado à Fundação José Berardo de 37.786.248,00 euros] his cost of € 1,016,642.89 was committed to negotiate on 3 November. "That is, there is no action, but only the collection of associated interests.

This question of personal support will return to the official documents in the final UHI report on an independent review of CGD administrative activities for the period 2000 to 2015, reached by the authorities on June 27, 2018 In that study, which has been public, he said clearly that the bank was not "delivered" with its bank "to prove" that Berardo had to do so; gives personal warranty. Not even though it was demolished.

Asked if Berardo's personal qualification of € 37.8 million was used to pay debts, and why he did not prove to Auditor EY, CGD replied that he works with "visibility". It was explained as follows: "All information requested by EY is provided. EY is the one who explains what you will analyze and your criteria but only. "

In practice personal entitlement is the instrument that can be applied to the entity that he or she will request the court at any time to "assume" assets so that the debt may be # 39; demolish their debts. So Berardo's estate got out of this danger.

The loss associated with the business relationship of Berardo ri Caixa is one of the hidden (347 million) toxic beliefs, and one of the reasons for republican and public banking needs 4.9 million. In 2015, EY shows Caixa for a loss of 152 million euros related to Berardo (a sum that is affecting 2016).

In the minutes of the DGE 2008 meeting, the services show that Caixa by Berardo's procedures, with a lack of interest, among others, is in line with the other creditors. Caixa and BCP had 70% of Berardo, and BES credits.

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