Chad Chadha, Can Phone Vietnam be able to complete AFF CUP 2018?


In the last round, Vietnam was only about to meet Cambodia (which was definitely erased) on the Hang Diem garden. Hit hard to get rid of the hospitality. However, football is always happening. It is not possible for Vietnam to be erased. Here is the position for the last round of Group A.

Vietnam has been lost with Cambodia

If this happens, Vietnam must … pray. If Myanmar also lost to Malaysia, but the score is not equal to Vietnam's loss, "The Golden Star" will be eliminated from the level of the body.

Illustration example: Vietnam lost with Cambodia 0-2, Myanmar lost to Malaysia 0-1. At this time, there are 7 points in Vietnam, compared to +3, there are 7 points in Myanmar, and 4 equals 4 and Malaysia has 9 points. Vietnam has been abolished.

Viper Fox is still able to abolish the AFF Cup 2018 - Picture 2.

There is no scattered point with Myanmar, Vietnam, to destroy his & her; Ability to be abolished from group level. Photograph: Hieu Luong.

Vietnam's success over Cambodia

Despite this, the games can still believe that Vietnam has won against Cambodia. If you need to win 3 points, you'll be "Golden Stars" first if Myanmar does not. winning Malaysian or winning but that Vietnam is the last man.

Vietnam is in Cambodia

Hang Gyeong Park parent at 8 final points. To the top of the table, Vietnam needs to have Malaysia's air flight at Myanmar. At the same time, Burma's goal should be lower than Vietnam, because the equality of two teams is equal.

Example: Vietnam has five goals, Myanmar has 7 goals. The last game, Vietnam 1-1 drew, Myanmar 0-0, Myanmar top of the board.

If there is a 3-3 Vietnam game and Myanmar 0-0, there are 8 visitors to Vietnam, Myanmar still has 7 visits => Bhiogais Bhàin.

Violet Phone is still able to eliminate Cup 201 2018 - Picture 3.

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