Chad's challenging leaders will pronounce Idriss Deby 's comment on Israel News


The challenging leaders and civilian societies in Chad reported on the decision of President Idriss Deby, the country in Africa Africa to visit Israel and expect him to establish a diplomatic relationship.

Political and civil leaders said that Chad should not return diplomatic relations with Israel while he is still in a position; residing in Palestine areas, and without a common decision with African states to establish relationships.

Deby a & # 39; The first leader of the majority of Muslim people visited Jerusalem in decades, which came to a great extent as a religious knowledge and military links between the Deby government and Israel.

Speaker at Al Jazeera, Fadoul Abderazak, who mentions the N & # 39; Djamena capital, has a & # 39; Most of the political institutions of Chad believe that Deby will be Promoting control of the country by using military and help from Israel.

Chad was tied to Israel in 1972 after the African African Group, in advance of the current African Union, made a decision to its member states to go to # 39 ; cuts diplomatic relations with Israel in close association with the Palestinians.

The Cadiz Civil Society Federation for Jerusalem, a group of 22 civilian groups, reported Deby's visit to Israel.

"We strongly emphasize a visit to the Zionist entity," said the statement.

"With this statement we are announcing an excuse on behalf of the people of Chad saying that their president's visit does not represent us to change the population's support for a purpose Palestine, "said the statement.

The leader of the challenge was Mahamat-Ahmad Alhabo, head of the Freedom and Development party, against his & co-luib, saying that Chad should not agree with a African agreement to Israel.

Alhabo said that Deby did not know the people of Chad on his trip to Israel, saying Chadians have been able to find out about Israel's media.

Mahamat-Ahmad Alhabo [Al Jazeera]

"Israel does not look after their own interests and expects Chad to be used as a Trojan horse by using it as an advanced center to connect to other African countries," said Alhabo.

"Chad should not do a relationship again with Israel after he has stopped the attack against the Palestinians and terminating his or her residency in the Phalestin land, especially the Mammalian places in Jerusalem, "he said.

Prime Minister of Israel said in a statement on Tuesday that Netanyahu would visit Chad to officially establish a diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

But for Abu Bakr Yousef Zayed, former vice-tenant of N & E, Djamena and a member of the governing party in the 70s, told Al Jazeera that Chad should not consider his religious background or culturally when it is & # 39; debate debate with Israel.

"Chad benefits from connecting to Israel, especially since Israel's ability to advance military and information," he said.

Israeli vision for Africa

Themeisa Fakuda, senior researcher at the Al Jazeera Research Center and an expert in the middle of Africa, said that Israel has begun to make a huge effort on its. mainland and that it's making special progress in how to go to; supported by African states, especially in East Africa.

Arab countries have neglected Africa and left it for Israel to re-establish its former presence as a toolbar for Arab reasons in the international world, Kakuda said.

Fakuda said, although African leaders are gaining benefits from being able to " accessing Israeli information and military training, Israel, on the other hand, aims to achieve a more strategic objective.

Israel aims to change the DA's equation and ensure its policies in Palestinian territorial areas are in the eyes of the world.

Themeisa Fauda, ​​an African expert

"Israel's main objective is to attack Africa's attack to increase numbers when it comes to voters at UN groups. , such as the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council. African countries are likely to support Palestinians and commit victim to Israel's actions, "he said.

He argued that the account of the UN's votes will change in Africa, when he looks through his efforts in Africa, to show that Israel has been increasingly interested in his & # 39; international community.

"Israel aims to change the DA's change and its policies are enforced in the Palestinian areas involved in the eyes of the world," said Kafuda.

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