Chadwick on the case of Catrillanca: "These are the facts that I informed the public"


As a witness. In that regard, both Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, and sub-director of that ministry, Rodrigo Ubilla, were brought to the Office Office. The two certificates received Wednesday here before persecution, who would have been asking about how the authorities were working after the death of the Mapuche community member, Camilo Catrillanca.

Ubilla to & # 39; The first one is to deliver his presentation of events, which appeared on the morning before the patient was taken.

"The Inside Writer has co-operated with the Public Prosecutor's Office, so that the search (…) will result as a government that we ask: truth and justice," said Minister of Secretary General Government, Cecilia Pérez.

"There's no new truth"

By passing the time, Chadwick was also present. "It is, in general, a completely public, well-known fact and that I have made a public opinion known during this time, especially yesterday in the translation and Today in the Synod. There is no new truth, "said the authority.

But the minister said "I am available when needed."

It is worth saying that Hermes Soto has the confirmation of both authorities in addition to that. In the coming days also the words of the old sea La Araucanía, Luis Mayol are also expected.

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