Chadwick's breakdown causes a catalyst to be stopped


The Senate stops the special session set up for Wednesday to address the death of its community Camilo Catrillanca during police work in Ercilla.

At the situation – first recorded for this Wednesday from 11am to 2pm – the Interior Minister was asked, Andrés Chadwick, Head of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno and the new La Araucanía warden, Jorge Atton.

The reason: the disaster with Chadwick's Minister, when he was displaced; Watching his move when he went down one of the stone steps in the Palacio de La Moneda. A "stumble" – the minister's call e- but as a result there was a break of right and injury on the left.

As the minister was unable to move to his / her Transport, the session was re-scheduled for 12 December.

Messengers want to create a Research Commission

At the same time, in the Representative Chamber, a group of 68 legislators applied to create a Special Research Commission on the matter.

According to the candidate René Saffirio, "there are 8 points that we want to explore, not only related to the situations in which Mapuche comunero died, but also to work with Jungle Command; The work and dignity of Carabineros, the damage made to children and youths in the context of conflict between the State of Chile and the Mapuche people, and that the creation of a series of ideas we Hopefully because of the work we're going to do during 120 days if the Chamber is to recommend the foundation of this commission, I hope tomorrow ".

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