Chairman of Audi TT | Advertisements: Naidheachdan


Amongst the (quite reasonable) sports models, Audi TT has always had a special place. It appeared in all three generations above a "preserved" image of an Audi and had always struck a balance between the car's friendship for the day and the enjoyment of a fun model. However, twenty years (and something) after the introduction of the first generation (1998), Audi is beginning to review whether TT is still in existence. Brahm Scott, Audi head of Autocar, said:

“It's a very good question about getting on with it. There is a space for a flagship model but I don't know if this is going to TT. My heart cries when I get this question! We give some things that can't replace TT, but we're not always talking about direct updating. "The reason is that Audi is about to stop TT for sale. Sometimes, it sold 40,000 pieces a year in Europe and by 2018 it was just 9,000 so it doesn't. comment if Audi is finally making a big decision, as did Mercedes-Benz with the SLC / SLK.

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