Chai's response to Chai? Ma Ying-jeou agreement 1992 raised "a good game, but the difference is hurt" – ETtoday News Cloud

Chai's response to Chai? Ma Ying-jeou agreed 1992. "It's a good game, but it's hurt." ETtoday News Cloud

▲ Ma Ying-jeou was in attendance at his Competitive Competition. (Lu Jiaxian Reporter) Reporter Lai Yuxi / Taipei said that the Tsai Ing-wen President "passed" 85 degrees C after the US market, because network users had a & # 39; 85 degrees C was criticized as "Taiwan's independence campaign", 85 degrees gave a recital announcing support for the 1992 agreement The president's president sent messaging message unhappy. When the old President, Ma Ying-jeou, attended his attendance; Competition on the 15th, said that the relationship between the interconnected relationship and agreement of 1992 is that "the agreement is successful, the division is injured, the opposition is against, "and the constitution does not; The agreed approach must be peaceful, and the process must be democratic, or if it does not take Taiwan. Ma Ying-jeou said the relationship between cross-border relationships and the 1992 agreement is that "a successful reconciliation, the division is injured, and its opposition." He said that he was a famous recital of Jiang Bili, This is a Japanese war. "The living conditions are in line with the fight. It's weak, but it's dead." Ma Ying-jeou said that cross-strait relationships could be based on the 1992 consensus, it is easy to both sides safely developed. He also says that American scholars also believe that the mainland should not be urgent for re-coordination. The constitutional changes in our country will not change again. "Indeed, we must be united, the way must be peaceful, and the process must be democratically. On the other hand, Taiwan can not." Ma Ying-jeou said he is not re-ordered for the future, but he does not. promoting Taiwan independence and opposing the army. It is also acidic that President Tsai Ing-wen has lost many of the states in his two years in power. He lost one in eight years, and the reason is not related to the mainland. Ma Ying-jeou said that his suggestion was that international relations should be based on Lu, You Ri, and the United States, and that it is essential to continue to join my nation to increase more competitiveness. "I have something to say …"

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