Challenges for sex workers in hosting the line in a condom; used in Western Australia


The use of a consistent condom among Western Australia gender staff has declined over the last ten years. However, compared to the common Australian population, there are still high levels of tests, higher levels of condom use and comparative levels of sex diseases that can be transmitted among gender workers. The drivers for this deterioration are different, with crime from a generic activity, as a main purpose, search for a new research Border Limits in Public HealthSouth Westerly

The survey found 354 workers of low-grade gender workers to use their description for each type of productive species – but in particular oral sex, where only 33% of respondents stated that using a consistent condom with clients. This compares with 84% and 96% recounts the use of regular condominium oral use by practitioners in two inspections of female sex workers in 2007. The study also found that female sex workers work All in brothels recounting high levels of condom usage compared to those working privately Post-

"The partners in our survey tell us about the demands of clients for a" natural "nature or an incompetent species. This, together with economic downturn ( as a result of the depreciation demand for sexual services) and sex offenders in Western Australia, bringing more gender staff challenges to keep the line on the use of a condom, "said Julie Bates AO, a of the review authors. Bates is Head of Urban Development Design and Health Advisers and has been a key practitioner in increasing the use of cautiousness among gender workers in Australia when the pandemic of HIV in the 1980s began.

"We do not know if this change has happened in the states and other Australian countries – but our Western Australia results highlight the need for more community based sexual health education in the Overall and more peer support opportunities among gender workers, especially those new to the business. "

The authors will identify offenders of the sex industry and how this is; preventing health promotion and condoms are prejudiced by safe practices.

"In order to assist colleagues' education and support services for gender workers, as well as accessible health services, we recommend that crime be carried out on sexual activity in Australia in the West and other Australian authorities where there is currently a species of crime related to crime or licensing, "said Bates. "There is also a need for more funding for education and co-operative support – especially for private-sector workers, as the law in West Australia now prohibits two staff working together in a private setting and thus hinder the benefits of informal opportunities for peer support. "

"Gender workers are on the line to talk safely in safe practices for more than 30 years, it is now the time to get more rest of the community on , "said Julie Bates. The authors also advocate a broad education on sexual health and condom use in the & # 39; a general community, which emphasizes the importance of # 39; The use of condom during sex with independent partners and trying to produce sex infections to sex.

The research was stimulated by changes to the Australian business industry over the past decade, with a larger number of private-sector workers working outside of the vacuum homes .


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