Challenges Jiu Jiu's wrestling hosts and suffered a "fixed cross" 20 minutes in mourning for mercy – Zhongshi News


Two poor guests were attacked by Sabrina Leites, a 22-year-old Brazilian woman, attacking her cell phone. But he used the "cross-section" to suspend one of them, Silva, for 20 minutes, until the other party mourned for mercy. No, no, not it! "

In the end, Wrights stole four mobile phones. To protect herself, she learned Jiu Jitsu Brazil. When she was going to go to her; opened the door on the 13th of this month, the two asked her gangsters and her; ask her to give the mobile phone. She immediately used Jiu Jitsu's dress. Gangster who fled.

At this time, we used the "established cross" to keep gangster legs tight for 20 minutes. The gangster shouted "Do not Do The Letters" until the police came. The dog.

The gungsters would steal the Jiu-Ji sisters and suffered a "cross-cutting" for 20 minutes.

Later letters said the camps were not just saying "phone", but they did not move, they did not have weapons, chose to go out to their # 39 , another party, "If they have weapons, I will not move."

(Times Times Newsletter)

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