Chamber Chamber wants innovation in its food industry


Chamber Chamber has hosted a business meeting on the 24th Gulf Food Show, Gulfood 2019, with a host of visiting delegates at the exhibition, asking for more innovation in its food industry .

This comes within the Chamber's efforts framework to bring investment opportunities into the emirate and in the context of a '# 39; The use of international events and conferences held by Dubai to strengthen the competitiveness of the economic sectors.

There were more than 272 participants from 47 local and international business communities and about 17 ambassadors and consuls from UAE attending the meeting. Thog a & # 39; The meeting promotes collaboration in the food and drink businesses and benefits from Dubai's role as a gateway to world markets.


Hassan Al Hashemi, International Relations Director at the Dubai Chamber, said the meeting aimed to Introducing Dubai's competitive advantages in the food and drink industry, and the good market opportunities. The Room is in & # 39; Prioritizing the identification of owners and businessmen on investment opportunities. The meeting is a great opportunity to learn about the truth of deposit in the drink and food sector.

Al-Hashemi said the Dubai market is seeing an amazing growth in this important sector. The emirate is a? including at least 85% of its food needs, and identifying opportunities in organic food, halal departments,

He said that the future is a commitment to create innovative food motifs as a result of Dubai's cultural diversity. He said Dubai has a huge potential to Producing Halal materials and organic food for diverse markets worldwide.

Al Hashemi explained that the Chamber wants innovation and excellence in a business that meets the requirements of its & consumer market, which emphasizes that the vision for the region is to; celebrates a major growth in food sales by 2021, providing a vibrant environment for attracting investments in this important sector.


The Dubai Chamber recently gave a presentation to partners based on Euromonitor International data. The offer was classified as CAGR of 8.3% for the sale of new food in the UAE during 2018-2021.

CAGR pineaples are expected to grow by 10.6%, and by 9.4% core ranges, 8.3% bananas and 7.1% tomatoes.

Mineral water supply and spring water for the period 2018-2021 are 18.4%, with fruit juices and vegetables 6.3%, and soft drinks 5.8% after that.


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