Chamber fire: the family will lose shelter, the town will help


No residence is now used for a family of seven. Villach Town is responding quickly.

VILLACH. After the fire was destroyed, a family of seven of them could not go back to their home today. Mayor Günther Albel helped enthusiastically and gave an urban room.

Room that can not be used

"Those who can help quickly help twice," said Abel, when he heard about the Fellach event. In nursery room in a block of addresses, fire was set out tonight today for reasons not yet defined. "Although our firefighters were very quick on the scene and they could stop the worst, the room is still not used," it's a bringing up a sailor. "We'll go into a room break in Villach town, so the family with the five little children is not homeless."

No injuries

Fortunately, no one was injured by the fire, and the family were able to escape in time. The children's room was completely destroyed, with almost all the furniture available.
"We have given immediate housing to the responsible housing consultant, town councilor Erwin Baumann," said Albel. This is near the destroyed house. "Especially now before Christmas, it is totally inclusive for a young family to be left alone from the ruin of the image."

For use

Harald Geissler, chief of the main brigade station, & fire fighting attack management, where the Fellach volunteer fireman was also used. Through a professional approach, they were able to disrupt the fire to other rooms. Geissler: "In addition, the farmers have adhered to our guidance, we did not run through the dangerous smoker steps to the outside, but we have stayed in their secure rooms."

Fire department team. The main fire station was a fire fighting attack, which also helped the Fellach voluntary fire department.
The place is not currently used
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