Championships skiing , The EUROSPORT Appearing in 75 countries


When world-wide skinny skin transmits the World Cup broadcasting to Eurosport, the Dutch TV faces its the management of the show – in English. It continues to some humorous situations.

SEEFELD (Nettavisen): When the Norwegian athletes were able to get their & # 39; The first round of the World Cup news this week, for the first time you got an example of the unusual work situation that accounts for Eurosport.

They need to have all interviews in English, although Norse speak to Norwegian.

– Do I need a reply in English? Is that unhappy? Fionn Maiken Caspersen asked Falla at a Wednesday news conference.

Jonas Bergh-Johnsen Eurosport tells Nettavisen that everything is based on Eurosport Norway, after a hard drive at the Pyeongchang Olympics, has received international trust in World Cup broadcasting for the entire Eurosport.

That is, they appear in 75 countries and may have 140 million homes.

– And there are large numbers; , which includes Bergh-Johnsen.

The World Cup team for Eurosport is 20 Norway, some of which are known for many.

Carsten Skjelbreid will be a cross-country transport and Devon Kershaw will become an expert, and Bergh-Johnsen will be anchored in the jump and will bring the Austrian leapage to Alexander Pointner to the team.

In addition, Paul Gordon Nilsen and Gunnhild Toldnes have been named as reporters.

But they certainly have not traveled to the World Cup World Cup. It's not so easy to talk about sport in another language with the words and phrases that are.

Once they got the investment, the Norwegian Eurosport team decided that they had to take action.

TEAM World Championship: Eurosports Jonas Bergh-Johnsen gives Alexander Pointner to World Cup. Everything is taken in English.
Photograph: Frode Martnes, Eurosport

Over the last few months, the Eurosport World Cup team has been working to talk about English language sport. After eating a lunch, her talk is around her; board has been in English.

– When I first got the request I was very positive, but then I started thinking about "fuck, how it is in English English words". Telemark blows, hillbirds and those things need to be seated. For example, it's not a jumping thing called … No, now I've forgotten it, and grab Bergh-Johnsen.

During the newspapers with the national league Tuesday team, Paul Gordon Nilsen interviewed Norwegian skipper Robert Johansson – in English.

He admits that he is all very ugly.

– I forgot myself and started to speak Norwegian at the beginning. We have told the regulation that Norwegian will have to prepare us to take everything in English, but it's a weird and new challenge, "said Nilsen to Nettavisen.

In AM, THA: Paul Gordon Nilsen and Robert Johansson speak together – in English.
Photograph: Egil Sande (Nettavisen)

He is pleased that the apprentices are trained in English for a long time before going to the World Cup. Now he has control of most of the words that someone needs to be given directly.

– It's been working, we have run every meeting in English. Those who work at the air have asked all the messages from our English-speaking colleagues, so that we live in an English daily life. We need to turn completely completely. In our team, we are 20 from Norway, but there are people from nine countries here, and it has been important for us to communicate in English so that everyone can understand what we & # 39; talk about it, says Pål Gordon Nilsen.

A journalist is also in his daily life. Nilsen recognizes that they need to rescue themselves from Norway and think about what is important, and their. Hunting the issues and stories that are also good in other countries.

– It will be another way of thinking, with a slightly larger international perspective and a type of other questions. And it is challenging. But perhaps that is why I, Jonas and Carsten, have done a lot with an earlier TV, and think it's fun. I have been in many skipper, but never before, he says.

Bergh-Johnsen explains how he is completely different according to what was previously used. He says that this language is much more linguistic.

– So you need to make a plan a bit more specific. I work with an expert with a German mother tongue, so we need to try to make life as easy as possible. I usually love to run free, but here we need to be careful about what each section should be about and not to challenge each other more than Yes, he says.

Bergh-Johnsen is very excited about how Norwegian dolphins are doing well. Now, as it stands out, a person must be as enthusiastic and bright as he will win Norir, his or her Polish or Austria.

It should be right. It's more worried about other things, such as iron curtains for English sports and broadcast on live broadcasting.

– What is Telemark struggling in English?

– We have not yet come to the dictionary, Bergh-Johnsen chuckles.

– Telemark. It's so easy, says Nilsen colleague.

Pretty for unusual television work.

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