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In the case of a Star Trek to face truth, a Chinese Spanish Party has gone away from anywhere – no spacecraft – has gone before, taking forward a lunar inspector on the far side of the Moon.

Main points:

  • China is the first country to make a soft finish on the far side of it; Moonlight
  • The Chang 4 will analyze its ability to & # 39; moon to support future passengers
  • The mission is part of a Chinese advanced award to explore its resources

This is the first time that a soft move has been made on the other side of the page; Moon – also known as the dark side as it looks away from the ground and is still unconnected – with signals; presents challenges.

Mission Chang Moon

  • Chang 1: China's first white mission was launched in 2007. He spent his & her; moon and created a topographical map of the surface
  • Chang 2: The second purpose that was intended in 2011 to try to find future settlement sites as well as get up-to-date pictures
  • Chang 3: A first informal moon to & # 39; come into the Chang's attempt. The army started with Jade Rabbit falling down in 2013, and b. This is the first soft release on its & # 39; Moon since 1976. Despite some technical issues, the rover was working until 2016 when he was officially cited dead
  • Chang 4: China's current mission to explore the far side of the Moon
  • Chang 5: A future mission has been pulled for 2019 to collect and return rocks and soils

Chang's 4-star space boat dropped at 10:26 m in the local time, Central Central's official television said.

Chang 4 is a combination of land rover and will scrutinize above and below the surface of the moon.

Some of the tests on board will be able to analyze & # 39; moon to support future passengers.

One of these tests is one of the biosphere projects, which include silkworm eggs, seeds and seeds; potatoes.

If it goes to the plan, the ecosystem would be self-sustaining, with the silk herbs to & # 39; bringing out potatoes and her & her; out caterpillars. These would cause carbon dioxide, which will help the plants to grow as food.

As the far side is looking away from Earth, it is also on its wing from radio broadcasts – making it a very good place to explore the globe.

The mission is part of a Chinese advanced award to explore its resources and create a space as a space of space.

China brought Yutu, no, # 39; Jade Rabbit rover on a & # 39; Moon five years ago and it is expected that Chang 5 will be back to the ground with samples – the first time it will be made since 1976.

Creation moon mission is also considered.





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