Chang Jiang gave his wife Nha Phuong to America, who promised to show "heaven."


Although she was pregnant, she joined Chang Jiang to the US on a tour with Vietnamese artists.

WATCH VIDEO: Moment of deed shed during Wedding Bungalow – Nha Phuong.

After a friend Nha Phuong, singer Nguyen Tran Trung Quan, confirmed that her acting actress was heavy, the audience was take care of her. Recently, Truong Giang is a picture of Nha Phu with him to take a tour in the United States on a personal Instagram.

He wrote: "Where are you and your person living?" They both have a watch their new Instagrams for updates to important information, when they are 50k fans. I promise that this mysterious secret! "

In the woodland park, we are interested in the & # 39; wood - 1

Writing under the ideas section, many spectators will be able to; Pre-tell about the secret couples that are to be divided. Most of them said they would Speaking publicly about Nha Phuong who was pregnant and her firstborn was born.

Some fans said everyone knew "secret": What's so important, you are not familiar with all that? "," We're waiting for news rather than heaven, "" Public story Bi (nickname of Nha Phuong – PV) Are you Giang? Well, no need, everyone knows that he is Giang "…

Also in the new shared photo, Nha Phuong fans saw it decorated in black, a clear but obvious face. She has won weight after sheaviness, but she still looks beautiful with smooth skin.

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After the election, Nha Phuong was restricted and did not participate in film projects. But, she often joins Truong Giang in a & # 39; carrying out tasks.

Many people do not leave her message to Changjiang, She asked her to spend more time for rest, rather than moving to many sectors with a dynamic difference between Vietnam and her; affecting health.

Some websites say Nha Phuong does not have peace of mind yet he needs to go on to "keep track of".

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In recent days, he had a very good section of Changerson on his personal account Instagram. "It's been more than a month since we were married and our couple are very happy, thank you for being grateful and supportive for all of the time.", the name of Quang.

In addition, Truong Giang did not forget to connect the havehtag to mark two on Instagram: #truonggiang (Truong Giang), # nhaphuong (Nha Phuong), #giadinhnhohanhphucto (a little family).

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This is the first time they have seen a happy actor with a married life. In every picture published by the Nha Phuong collection, musicians who talk about his wife and many times have been firmly affirmed:My cousin is No. 1"

Chang Jiang Nha Phuoc has brought the country into the death of his mother

The latest picture of male comedy and new wife on the anniversary of his death is very interested. his mother.

According to Thu Hang (Dan Viet)

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