CHANGE A FILE A & # 39; FIRST Time: Pat & Mat: Winter Adventures and Creed II


Pat & Mat: winter circles

Pat & Mat: winter circles

It's getting cold, and our work does not allow Pat and Mat to let it all, and they usually get up with the snow. How do you deal with the Christmas decoration of their new homes and what Christmas gifts they have under the Christmas tree? Do our masters have a Christmas tree, what do we know or their own "DIY"? What does Pat and Mat do with the snow crash attacking me in the garden and what gadget and new solutions will they create? After having fun in the snow, you enjoy me so hot, so why not just lift it up. And what to do with your own home and its & # 39; celebrating New Year's Eve.

For our masters, this is not difficult and not quite challenging. Pat and Mat and their winter events, so it was not here yet!

When the war comes

Peter Svrček, a 18-year-old boy, lives with his parents, and at his The first issue is not different from its peers. However, he felt a citizen and a few years ago he established a Central Security group. He spent his military training to protect and conserve the country "in the middle of the Soviet forest over more than two hundred young men who sought leadership and self-identity. In sinners and guns However, they are under Peter's authority. Peter says he has a future and wants to retire his uniform one day until he arrives a majority – as a politician.

Religion II

Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) will fight for life and by himself. It's trying to & # 39; do the best and does not want to prepare for an important fight in the circle. A strong competitor is waiting for him, and the name is related to the fortune; long-term, and not only is the game that needs to come, but also very personal. Along with Rocky (Sylvester Stallone), along with Adonis, he attempts to fill a long legacy and answer the question what he wants to fight. It is a film in CREED II that is a recall memories and remember what Champion Champion will do. The message is clear – no matter how long you'll go out into your life, the time you have left and your family will always be with you.

Dilli in Paris

Another film from the Delli Michel Ocelot workshop in a lively Paris, which takes us through the adventure of a little girl to the historian in the history of France. Courageously Dilli and their Orel friend are going to go out on their steps. a club that is behind the persuade of girls in Paris. Young heroes meet their "search" of prominent characters at that time – from Marie Curie to Marcel Proust. Each of them helps or help help. They get to spectacular places, magic is on her; secret case, and at last they traditionally met a tradition of darkness.

Mimi and Lisa: Confidentiality of Christmas Light

Young murders

Do you have beautiful pictures on your phone? The Thriller Reveals the person who is killing young, brutally and comfortably, than he is; made by people when these images get "out".

Smiles of sad people

The smell of people's sadness is the unique movie with Josef Forman's favorite books. Places humorous places, sad. My song about "chuck, the will and the world" is spoken by a successful writer who needs a cup and then has a bottle to work with others. In the medical school, Joseph meets with other clans those who have recently or recently; drinking alcohol with real masters. And they will create relationships and situations that are not possible in normal life.

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