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The changes in the management of BDZ Holding and its two sections "Passenger transport" and "goods transport" will be held within a week as soon as the inspection report receives, Minister to Zhelyazkov Rosen Transport in Stara Zagora. The fully integrated network renovation.

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In the words of the Minister, the directors are, at present, his former post-appointee on November 7, a & # 39; Continue to become long-term careers and their final decision. "I want to read the survey because these shifts are not relevant judgments but based on terrible causes," he said, then acknowledging the implementation of the annual schedules for freight transport and passengers "on an implementation process."

Initially, the Minister installed the repair of the locomotives, and proceeded to implement its locomotives, a process for the provision of new locomotives and cards, but it had a lot of time to do and do it; delivered.

Stara Zagora Station repair, costing a 11 million BGN and the Nova Zagora station for BGN 2 million, should be completed by May 2021, this time is very reasonable, Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov says. The cash for these repairs is provided under the Operational Program "Transport and Transportation Structure" at 85% and a further 15% of national financing. The conceptual design has been prepared, and the tendering method for choosing contracts must be done by the spring of next year. The concept was designed by a group of "KIG-IPS-ESA", which includes three expert teams.

The existing building was designed in the late 70s of the twentieth century, which was implemented in 1982 and is currently not available; meet the new requirements. The project includes some of the building elements, and # 39; installation of elevators and climbers, changing against and providing accessible environment. The documents for this project have been submitted to a Solar Group that is; Public, the modes for Poduene, Kazichene and Iskar stations have already started, the document for the restoration of the building in Karnobat has been prepared. Around BGN 1 billion is currently invested in the current production schedule for the renewal of the railway infrastructure, said Rossen Zhelyazkov, a & # 39; expect the sum to be in the next time.

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