Change course: Volkswagen brings about a completely different car


Wolfsburg – the German carriage haulier, is planning to develop electric car manufacturing for the next decade.

Bottom: Beta

Picture: The first television

Picture: The first television

They say that they will create 22 million cars and reduce carbon emissions by 30 per cent by the end of the century.

The company was the most important previous target – 15 million electric vehicles and the plan is ambitious, and last year Volkswagen created only 50,000 car-drivers.

Volkswagens is switching to electricity cars in an effort to meet the carbon dioxide emissions limits in Europe, and with China's plans to find many low-emitting stones.

The company also said that operating profits of the production unit, Volkswagen, fell into one of the 12 brands it made, to 3.2 billion euros from 3.3 billion euros a year ago, and that it was receiving awards t slow down his vehicle under the gas testing system for gas emissions.

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