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It may not be well known, but it is not a duty for Christmas post for all Christians and it is a cheap free case, which is also the result of the Christian Community Conference 1168 decision

On Wednesday, November 28th, legal-free legal creditors will last for just 40 days and prepare for the most religious Christian holidays – the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas).

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An official Christmas Post will begin on November 28th and last until 7 January. 2019 years.

According to Christian teaching, a Christmas post was introduced by the example of Jesus Christ, which was spent to 40 days in the wilderness in gathering and praying. Interestingly, Christmas Eve did not keep up for 40 days. This decision was made at the General Assembly in 1166, until last December only seven days.

At the same collection, those Christians could be able to; The establishment of a "small post" of only seven days, which is called only seven days, can not be fully respected for the 40 days for any reason.

It may not be very familiar, but the job is not essential for all Christians and the free thing is, which is also the result of the decision of Parliament 1166.

The Church is obliged to recall those Christmas and Christians, for any reason, they did not tell it soon.

Christian Christians decide free of charge if they fulfill business aimed at cleaning the soul and body by avoiding certain foods, bad thoughts and bad actions.

Do not make an error! You need to know this – unlike the body's post, it is not necessary, in this time of 40 days a spiritual and important role, and in the opinion of much of Christianity more important!

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He will hire fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Christmas. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the seasons and wine will be settled, and on Saturday and Sunday and fish. Fish has always been solved by Vavedenje.

From 20 to 24 December, the post will be more likely and no fish is available. It's the fastest December, on Christmas evening, at Christmas Eve.

In some parts of Vojvodina, there are uses for Christmas post to start water in the first week, and then go to the ritual, and usually go to the next day; continue to hire. Profimedia



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