changed name to poem and also gave him to Borges


With the great feelings of the President's Friday morning Sebastián Piñera, along with Minister of Education Marcela Cubillos, they got in La Moneda were the national scores, an example where he encouraged them to continue to dream and "not to take it away with their wind".

In this activity, a & # 39; looking for them to "encourage", that was He described the poem "Instants" by the writer Nadine History from North America, where he describes it there; He can not wait again, among other things, he will try to make more mistakes.

And, an error occurred. President when he came When he was announcing it, he gave the poem to the Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, and also called "Momentos".

"We have all our intention to achieve in this world, the important thing is to know how it can be found, for one day we will have a bed and death and do not want what We give Borges to happen to us. It is believed that poetry is called "Momentos". When he was about to die, he says that if he could reside again … he would do everything different from his work, "said the Chief sit.

Although Piñera is not the only one who fell into this mistake, the fact is that Borges' widow himself, Maria Kodama gave a number of years ago that he was not dead by this author, but the American author.

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