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29 January 2019

Alasdair Noskov

The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (8 GB) new for 4,499 rubles a
2019 From your place

Like most people who know smart phones, I am
from time to time I am getting requests for social services from people and people I know
interact with what happens within a close personal connection framework
as part of the concept of "friendship." There are very simple questions – help with a digital phone, find
a service center for the repair or adhesion of the machine by a new fashion company. So
This time, the work was very clear – for getting well
phone left-wing without more than 5,000 rubles. The recipient and the animal will run,
so I was not surprised when Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (8 GB) online source offered for 4,499 rubles. Call
In the first capital, all the data mentioned on the site confirmed, that is new and
He wants to pay this amount, and the information they are sent to St Petersburg for
300 prestigious seals from a centrally large mansion. Amount 4,799
A ruble is larger than the problems are suited, and the M4 Aqua 2015 distribution is less
Modern smartphones worth up to ~ 7 000 rubles. Yes and yes
Excellence in the most promising waterproof
– using a USB open connection
(the loop does not fall because it does not exist). "What's your say that it's new?"
Traditionally ask a capable reporter, indeed, the arguments that leave this
statements and will be a key issue. And then together, we will think of where it came from
Yes, I put forward two theses and see me what smart smart phones M4 Aqua has to hit
at this price.


  1. See
    on the "news"
  2. Mar
    competitors up to 5 000 rubles
  3. From the place
    come from?
  4. Decisions
    and advice

Search for "news"

Looks like

We are very happy with a few packs built, but with a full set of delivery. How to do such a resource, you can learn from the reviews. In our case, there were no queries, after removing the films and defending them; look under the oblique rays of clarity of scratches and no split was found.

Do not forget the Max Lubin advice – put a clear lantern to the USB connection, it should be pronounced without pronouncing, with no scratch.

turn on

The digital phone should be changed as "for the first time" or "after re-installation to a factory setting", ie The window should welcome to the basic settings for language, time, postal entries, etc.

IMEI Survey

Regardless of the real Sony, or "Chinese" real deal, we will look at
using global identifier (IMEI). Recently, Sony had
Probation service, but old connections do not work now, but new ones
We can not find it. So we use a third party service. For this in
Submit a "Phone" application * # 06 #, and then the screen displays the required IMEI. Note him
smartphones with two SIM cards
specify IMEI1. Assigned
Enter the number in the test site window and see the de-filter (
Certification was given, at least, that the smartphone 100%
original, and the phone does not want.

Note – this is a check of fake smartphone phones.
I have not yet learned a route, since there are no two phones with the same IMEI
It will happen, and the data is stored on a remote server that is not accessible to pirates.

Check Android and Logic Versions

All smart Sony Xperia phones are sold through several stages of updating Android versions. Our smartphone smartphone Sony Xperia M4 Aqua was released by Android 5.0 on board, and its update completed on version 6.0. So, if we have a 5.0 version on our digital phone, we are handling equipment from the first ship. The fact is that even theoretical fencing is going back to the previous version of the OS and even to be reversed and not to lock a lock / problem in the & # 39; counterpart, but more below. And now it's a & # 39; query – how many of your mobile phones owners refused to update the Android operating system? Do not install the update, and then roll it back, and I first refused to update it? It's hard to think of people like that, because of the innovations we are doing; waiting for the camera to be improved, faster work, etc. In our unique situation, Android Android 5.0 has been consistently achieved by the "close-up phone from the first ferry", any other problem would be disturbed.

However, there is some chance that someone in the OS shop decides to be "accessible", but this is not the case; our case.

Browse your browser

All Sony's are sold by a locked device.
Initially, it prevents its & # 39; phone being broken by heavy, but not to understand the case base
to stakeholders. Second, he will leave a mark. Where can you find out what is possible?
human translation? Go to the engineering app and show. To do this, we will write in
the "Telephone" application * # * # 7378423 # * # *, in the list that is displayed in the " open, go to the "Service" section
info ", go to" Configuration "and display the" rooting status "value. There are three

  1. Starter Solicitor: No (Pre-Started Device)
  2. Unlocking bootloader: Yes (the browsers were opened)
  3. Bootloader boot solution: Yes (the renters are locked, but it can
    to be opened)

– The first node is a # 39; show us clearly
a representative, sold by the contract. If sold for sale
source, it means a block with a SIM card
has been removed and you can send any SIM from any operator, it will work. But about it
Certificates with a company must always be remembered, but this is not bad because of something
I did not reveal any normal software for Sony better than stock. Restriction on it
Works in the SIM green section can be viewed, unless "0" is displayed in front of each item, the phone is
return to its instant messenger.

– The second point does not respond to us, beginners are not open in the new Xperia. In this case, the smartphones need to return to their; buy a messenger and rubbish.

– The third thing seems to be like new
smartphone smart not
is bound by any contracts.

Look at DRM stones

Each Xperia smartphone, where the name is called, has an TA section
DRM Drives. Being by
based on a way as well as security, absence or attendance
says a lot. In an engineering menu (from the preceding paragraph) go to the Security section and
look at the status of the "Marlin" data
and "WMLA", every place needs
stand up [Key OK][Active]If this section is at least, this is the case
It's not worth something like "right" or "active", if the phone is invalid or
subject to any kind of violence and not subject to purchase. Our Xperia M4 Aqua has been successful
All quick confirmation of proofs and "news" are available to the user.

As there would be up to 5,000 rubles in competitors

Here you can write immediately that there are no competitors. In this price there are no smartphones with a set of technologies: NFC, Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz and IP65 / 68. The only question that can arise: how relevant & # 39; is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset installed in the Sony M4 Aqua in 2019? What can be compared to it?

The results of Geekbench and 3D 3D tests show CPU performance 615 higher than SDM 435 with about 15% in the basic test, and Adreno 405 GPU (at 615) is lower than about 5-7% of Adreno 505 (at SDM 435).

Yes, and the MT6739 is not the latest, in its & # 39; go away. In general, we have a strong budget, full of teams from the oldest department. Should I buy a phone like this for 4,499 rubles? Sure. Are there competitors for comparative money? No

If you do not agree, make sure to tell yourself

Where did you come from?

And indeed, where would the new one come from 2019?
smartphone from 2015? There is only one explanation that comes to mind – this is the same
jar three liters People born in the USSR must remember grocery stores
and dusty compacted screes for months on the shelf. Maybe they are, and yes
geese, and destroy a big country. Responding to the question – if there is truth
featured in selling new smartphones from old times (and this fact I think
proof), how would it live and not be sold all this time? The answers are good
Simple – this is the Sony price, and more and more demand provision, eg in front of
Due to errors from the designation department, smartphones such as this can lie
freighthouses over the years, and over time the price falls unfortunately. However, it seems that she does not fall
lower purchases, where you can deduct the cost of a warranty service. A
which restricts the only "connection" to the sale of Xperia M4 Aqua that has not been sold at a cost of 4,499 rubles
instead of 15 990 rubles? Perhaps they believe that this truth is in itself
add annual bonus deprivation for governance, other explanations
No. After that, this is a huge mistake that leads to a direct loss.
for its company. And in this case, the "compote" will be sent to another shop.
a bunch of corridor, where it is calm to pass an inconsistent attraction of generosity.

If you have your own definition, make sure you say

Conclusions and suggestions

Someone will ask, why is Sony, and not, for example, Xiaomi? Due to the additional protection levels listed above. We do not want to be deceived, right? In general, I have to say that it is always related to buying shopping in green shops at extremely risky prices. And it is essential from the beginning to build conversation with the seller. And in this regard, let me give me advice:

  1. Do not buy in an online source without a voice operator. After that, you can not ask questions.
  2. Before purchasing, note that the tags are "new", "discount discount", "demo sample," after "warranty" or "operating" warranty repairs. "
  3. The source operator should have a clear query: – Is the device original? – Is the new device? – This textphone is for a global market, not a transport? – If it becomes very difficult, can you instantize the messenger? If one of the answering questions got a problem, it's best not to be at risk.
  4. We do not have to ask about their complaints, in a & # 39; Our case is just amazing, it can not be in principle, it can not be permanent.
  5. Do not pay beforehand!
  6. If the messenger is hitting, he will try to stop from a & # 39; open and analyze its & # 39; goods – do not get it. But before, try to verify the person, saying that you are happy to activate the opening of his & # 39; package, even if the payment is not made. Yes Try to give it, this is common. Remember that 99% of messengers are not connected to the shop, they work with them under contract and & # 39; it may not be so easy to pay for the "false delivery" from the seller in a fiasco case. However, this is not related to the quality of its software.

Hunting such as "compothan" is very interesting. Recently recently, a small group of Sony Xperia Z3 Plus (SDM810) for 7 990 rubles was set up in MSC and left in about half a day, for 8,990 Xperia X, and these are real prices good for smart smart phones. Friends, tell us about your experience in buying "compothan", what problems did you meet? What did you order to buy for extraordinary money and what situation is there? there?

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