Changes in WhatsApp ads that can cause headache users


From now on, users who receive a WhatsApp message in the middle of a birthday with relatives or in a working meeting need to be much more careful if they do not want to have a time or time -healthy to spend.

In the days of WABetaInfo, the site was specialized in the messaging service, and # 39; taking forward something that many have seen, but that more than one will come. headache breeding. WhatsApp features ads with pop-up windows and a preview of pictures and videos.

"WhatsApp is launching its ability to view the direct files in the mail address for a beta iOS user with a version! It will be for all users in the App Store, "said WABetaInfo.

When a user uses a message with a photo or video, it may appear that the screen is closed. In fact, the evidence must be displayed to see the full image, but it will not be necessary to protect more so you can see the content that one gets.

Twitter user shows how this new WhatsApp feature works. "It's like, as I said: my wife can use the new feature, but her friend does not use the same App Store type, not just beta users; in the video: iPhone my wife. Talk about this feature (see the video in the know), "write @caschy.

For the psychotherapy of people who usually get sensitive content, everything has to do with them; indicates that this action can be removed from the app menu.

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