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CThe most important changes to ape Town, from Table Mountain to Cape Point, as well as proposals for day trips and seasonal guidance, are selected by our local expert, Pippa De Bruyn.

Ten big tunes

Mountain Record

You do not really understand Cape Town's area until you have traveled Mountain Mountain and you are in a position; See what a & # 39; flows below, bending as much as the hilly steep slopes of the mountain & # 39; sea ​​and sky are.

The name of Hoerikwaggo, "Mountain of the Sea" is the name; first on the Mountain Mountain, it seems that the Gorinhaiqua seemed to rise from a bed. It's easier to go up with a cable car, an interesting trip for children of all ages, but to be aware of how beautiful & What are the dogs that hit the mountain slopes, walk up. There are several routes: Plattekloof Gorge, off Tafelberg Road, the shortest rate (1.5 to 2 hours) but the busiest ones; Skeleton Gorge, from Kirstenbosch Gardens, is the most interesting but you need 5 to 6 hours and have plenty of opportunity.

"Mountain of the Sea" is the 500 million years easier to go up with a cable car

For more private knowledge, please contact Riaan Vorster (0836831876;, a familiar mountain guideer who will choose an interesting way and his / her. Talk to you through geology, plants, animals and history. The rates start at around R750 per person for half a day, and # 39; including acquisition / release. There is a very high walking guide that opened the magic of the flower country as you walk, Dominic Chadbon aka & # 39; The Fynbos Guy (00 27 72 9925 636;

Put time together for checking to & # 39; roof, bite and make your way down after sunset. Authorizing the weather, cabbage cars (00 27 21 424 8181; will be & # 39; Leave every 15 minutes a day from Tafelberg Road, from 8am to 8pm (times will depend on the season, so make sure in advance). At a high level of time, you can also buy an early start ticket online at 7.30am, before the ticket office starts.

Proposed: It is cheaper if you buy an online, and buy a good idea for the day you came because it's flexible flexibility: your ticket is valid for 14 days from the date you have chosen. Tick ​​R255 for adults (R135 one-way), R125 for children 4-17 (one-way R65), free of charge for under-4s.

Peninsula ring to Cape Point

The circular route (even opposite side) can be incorporated into the spectacular seaside resorts overlooking the Wild Bay and the Seaboard Atlantic, with the most important part of the Chapman's High Drive, one of the most beautiful drives in the world. With as many stops as possible, it's definitely a trip to do more than once.

I prefer to travel to the coast through the memories of Rhodes, Kirstenbosch herbal gardens and / or Constantia's wine estate in the morning, Arriving time for lunch in the sea town at Kalk Bay.

Botanical Gardens Kirstenbosch

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Once it's an unfortunate fishing town (and still home to one of the original fish markets in the town) Kalk Bay is one of the most luxurious shopping venues in the city, 39; in & # 39; town, with narrow sites, cliffs and main hippy-chic boulders with some good galleries (although you need to spend time in Woodstock for lots of -ealain) and several nice eating options in the small harbor. Go to Kalky for excellent fish and teams that are equivalent to a spaghetti (plastic sprains, wine box – you'll get the picture), Live Bait for a tough, unsustainable marine table with tastes, and House of h-Acarsaid for a table with the best sea view in Cape Town, rustic-chic editing and non-disappointment menu.

To get to Kalk Bay you will go to the Boyes Way for the high scenes, or on the Main Road through Muizenberg for the architecture of colonial times (if the last ones do not miss the Casa Labia beautiful, good leg for spresso), although the last way can be badly damaged.

From Kalk Bay you will take a path down the False Bay, through the Simonstown naval, where there is a Most stops and their & # 39; visit a penguin colony in Boulders (with a magic magic magic when not too busy) before the last turn of Cape of Good Hope Reserve Doors. Most of them will just have a & # 39; runs straight to Cape Point (2); If you have time, check out the route to visit one of the most abandoned beaches. After this you will go through the Misty Clones and Scarborough to Chapman & the Top, and we hope you make the trip for the sunset, and then. Ending at the Chapmans Peak Hotel for a calamari not to enjoy sunset when you go; touring the Victoria road to Camps Bay.

Simonstown's fleet is a pleasant day trip

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Search the home media or on a bike

To a large extent, it is relatively small and flat with the Cape Town media, thus walking or cycling, the best way to have an awareness of architectural roots can be seen; town and the multi-cultural nature of locals and new people; It is also where you can find some of the best shops and restaurants, with Bree Street the venue for the worst bars and restaurants; town (and special ceilidh trails). The Earth Earth Thursday Market is a valuable sale held in St George's Mall (walkers (11 to 3) who walk in to the food lover's plane and after that it is easy to travel through the Gardens Company, the green lungs of your home, where you can find the National Gallery, which has often made excellent exhibitions, and wedding parties preparing for pictures over the weekend. A Dutch kitchen garden was placed in a new corner of the Garden, identifying its roots and colonies.

On the first Thursday of each month, the home art galleries are openly open open and the environment on the streets is like meat as the outbuildings with cafe and storytellers here to get a good time; the art is something incidental (

Note that you can walk from the center of the home to its & # 39; Chladaich – a head on the "Fan Walk" (from Waterkant, then the Somerset Road) through Green Point, and when you see Point Point's stadium going down to its location; Chladaich (clearly signed). (release the next sentence about a taxi taxi

Recommended walking trips: My favorite trip is; in Cape Town Eats for Pamela McOnie. He does all that he has to do; I would like to visit: a good quality private walk with a good hospitality that will bring you into different street food centers to classical sails that serve a variety of local communities, as well as incoming headings ; home, good cheese centers, hipster coffee shops, and so on – it liked everything at your own speed and changed about your interests. You are built at about 9 and you will end at 3.30pm; come hungry. (00 27 21 461 24 37;

The National Gallery is located within lime green, Cape Gardens

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It is an excellent introduction to the historic side of the city just 2.5 feet in freedom (00 27 83 452 1112;, a & # 39; leaving 10:30 am or 2:30 pm from Gray Gray's staircase, between the Taj Hotel and Mandela Center of Rhodes; R1760 for 1 to 4 guests; R352 for all additional guests). The company also has a & # 39; offered Mandela from prisoner to headteacher's walking tour, bringing life to himself in Cape Town.

Come out to the sun, take the locals from all kinds of life that gathers on the sea Promenade to enjoy the seaweed and sunshine. Extending from Bantry Bay through Rubha na Mara to Mouille Point (and entering the Harbor), there is also a Promenade where you can find Up Cycles ( za), a & # 39; Cape Town's first bicycle bicycle company.

Up Point Point Point Pavillion stations (where the public swimming poles), Silo 5 are in the Harbor, Breakaway Café in Waterkant (on Fan Walk Street), and a Hotels Hotel. Bay on the Victoria Road strike at Camp Bay. Cape Town is slowly changing into a city that travels with cyclists, with the largest social route in Africa; Take place in the town under moon moon – #moonlightmass – when riders meet under the Green Point roadway at 8pm. For more information on social trips and information about everything that is going to ride at home, visit the site of good

Picnic in the Cape Floral Kingdom

Table Mountain is a great picnic table, with shaded stones and rock glens, best known by familiar guides such as Dominic Chadbon and The Fynbos Guy & # 39; which will also pack your picnic (00 27 72 9925 636; The best place has not been in bed and the gorge of Kirstenbosch's decorated laws, is decorated with large trees, with streams where children are frighten headphones, and plant boundaries in which fire birds can supply. Complementing the use of indigenous vegetation that does; Success in this beautiful Mountain Mountain side, the beautiful gardens, whatever season.

Kirstenbosch herbal gardens are beautiful, whatever season

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Free 60-minute guided tours depart from the Visitor Center (Gate 1) at 10am, 11m and 2pm Monday to Friday and at 10am on Saturday and from the Center. Garden (Gate 2) at 11am Monday to Friday and at 10am on Saturday. Vehicle trips (R70pp) depart from Visitor Center (Gate 1), on a daily basis, from 9am to 3pm, on weather days. A car car can accommodate 7 passengers at a & # 39; highest; to phone 00 27 21 799 8782. Sunday afternoon can be held during the summer; travel through the gates to spread the books and watch the Kirstenbosch Sunset concerts (visit for the line up, then watch them on soundcloud).
A Picnic restaurant restaurant is available on site, but for a great deal, choose your choice from the nearest Woolworths, the local high-tech grocery, which offers a mix of M & S and Waitrose style (see

Look at the sun set by Clifton beach

Camps Bay is the easiest way to get into the town, but Clifton, the laird, is a very special thing in defending the cliffs over you. Arrived through steep stairs with winds between low-slung bungalows, there are cliffs of sand in Clifton, each one that casts it; One uniquely unique lullaby attracts (buying families for their First Beach, golden beans are third parties).

It can be hard to believe that it is only 10 minutes; in Clifton Beach away from town

Leonardo Spencer / Leonardo Spencer

Once it is, it's hard to be & # 39; I think it's just 10 minutes in it; town. Atlantic waters are usually frozen but nothing is very similar to being done. Put your tight body into cold cold water, and its sunset on your skin.

If it's too cold, go to the False Bay coast where the water is slightly warmer (you can stay there) but it's still pretty beautiful; Find the best places just beyond Simonstown.

Shop for wine on a special trip

Make a personalized wine tour with the former chairman of Wine Tasters Guild, Stephen Flesch (00 27 21 705 4317; Let's know the most interesting / preferred area of ​​cultivator / area (or leave it completely) and a tailor tailor that has a great historical route and a beautiful place.

The main land areas of wine are all inside the 60- to 90 minute drive from the town

Sean Heattley / Sean Heatley

His visit to & # 39; including lunch at one of the main restaurants (Stephen, in doubt, is the leader of Cape Town Convivium Slow). The rates for a full day in R4000 for two, except for lunch.

If Stephen is busy, contact Lieze at Caroline Fine Wine Cellar Tours (00 27 21 419 8984;; R4950 for two, except lunch) or Lisa at Racontours (00 27 21 794 6561; .za; R4700 cost journeys for each person, including lunch; low rate by group size).

Take a tall at Mount Nelson

Most people up late & and need for families with girls who want clothes. Skipping about a sofa in a colony lounge, listening to the & # 39; piping pianist, or beside the curved fountain in the maritime gardens.

Mount Nelson's top tea is the best way to do; gone to the afternoons

Add a little within a few hours for the regular reasons you make to their food table with old prey, sandwiches, cakes and quiches. Reservation must be (00 27 21 483 1000). Adult R255 morning tea, Adult R325 evening evening / Heat, R185 children under 12.

Find out on the other side of Cape Town

Forty years have been because apartheid separation is still a geographical separation of the races still facing its " town, with white people living mostly in the challenging cities around the city; mountain while the poverty is still consecrated in the mixed race and black suburbs, known as "towns".

It's easy to forget those areas, which & # 39; fighting away from the shadow of the hill on the "Cape Flats", but let them know only half of Cape Town's movement and power.

It is not possible to explore these areas without a known director or operator, and James Fernie and Xolani Maseko are the best. Together they run Uthando, a nonprofit tour company that is a reflect the amazing work undertaken by community groups and projects in the towns. It is a unique experience (not exactly the same way) with a broad debate on the history of South Africa and current challenges, and very good visits, up to four of the 40 community-inspired projects that both are recognizing.

If you're looking for a more specific visit, Coffeebeans Routes ( is a great favorite. The Cape Town Jazz Safari (around US $ 100 per person), where guests come together with local jazz musicians in their homes, and then with a favorite private show. Other ways of interacting with local people include Cape Town Cuisine – where you are getting food from Cape Malay at home at a local Bo Kaap chef, then walk into the town to meet with owners of Ethiopian restaurants and Cameroon – apart from Art, Creative, Beann, Exit or Cultural Music Trails. is another man who is an active recommendation with an exciting recommendation on her. town (and works closely with Coffeebeans).

Stroll the Waterfront and take a sunbelt walk in Bay Bay

Although you are totally visiting tourism, The jetty is very excited about it as it is still an anchorage with an active fishing industry. With just a few things to buy in the center, you can see the messages found in cities around the world, so have time to visit the water: run by stock sales stalls only in Africa, this may be the best shop stop if you want to find or buy jewelery, fashion, software, leather work and equipment. It is worth checking the food market, just behind the water.

Just when you see the town from the sea you fully realized its impact; at Mountain Mountain that comes above the habitat made by humans

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Both Aquariums have been essential, especially for children, and from here you can jump on a boat and circulate around the harbor. Make a better trip again and navigate to Table Bay. It's only when you see the town from the sea you fully realized its impact; at the hill on settlers, who are at home; appear above the particular habitat made by humans. Several boat trips depart from Quay 5; it is the fastest journey to her; seabed 90 minutes from the Sea Harbor (opposite the V & A Hotel) to Clifton my personal preference (00 27 21 418 3168; no 00 27 21 418 3234; )

Store at one of its home markets

If you have time to visit just one or two, the Neighborgoods Market and Oranjezicht Farm Market are the best. Unfortunately, both will work on a Saturday morning only, but if you start enough enough, you can tour the two (allowing travel time between 15 and 30 minutes between the markets).

Hipers attacking a & # 39; A town that gutting knives with hand and meat / bread / olives / caes outdoors; Weekly Neighborgoods Market ( in the old Brushes Mill on the Albert Road as fun for people who look at how it's involved. spread.

The Weekly Neighborgoods Market in the Old Mill Mills is so fun for people who have a lot of fun. look at how it is spread.

For the best results here at 8 / 8.30m (by 9.30 it is full, sometimes unfortunate so); after the market has investigated the rest of the art exhibitions; have been going to include & # 39; overcoming the market over the next. market – it seems that the Test Kitchen and Pot Luck, two of the best restaurants in Cape Town – are the first thing better for food (compare) but you have to arrange a few months before hand; the last ones offer great scenes along with the fascinating tapas samples.

The just impressive Oranjezicht Farm Market is now located in Granger Bay, close to the Atlantic Ocean, The display of what was harvested on the morning from the "big city farm" is located in Oranjezicht, as well as to # 39; South West So, the emphasis here is causing a lot of new foods such as food or picills and baked prepared, with several stalls and selling craft products that encourage visitors to go to; sampled.

There are some other markets worth visiting: Stellenbosch slow food market (9am to 2pm on Sat;, Harbor Harbor Hout Market (5-9pm on Friday, 9.30am to 4pm Saturday & Sun ; and World War Market in St George's Mall, the streets of walkers in the middle of the town (11am to 3pm on Thursday, the best bids. A 100 percent local population attraction, the Bowling Home Market in Hope Street, offering other accessible handbags (nights 4: 30-8: 30pm; If you are located in the southern towns there are two restaurants in Tokai Market: Porter Estate Market in the Tokai Forest on Saturday morning, and a world-wide market market ( on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. Today's food market is even at the shore, close to the high water.

Day trips

Cape Point

The driver runs south from the middle of the town to the Cape Point entrance path (see the upper-air route), you get 3 hours and stop or traffic traffic traffic, but True that you could spend the entire day just go and still do not see everything you want (and the traffic has expanded ten times in recent years) , so plan your journey carefully based on your interests.

West Coast National Park

Early spring (must be at any time from the end of July to the beginning of September), when the waters are turned to the beginning of the spring; This print is very tight to big lions of lion. Go through the beautiful village of Riebeek Kasteel, not come north to spend the night at Paternoster, the most spectacular city in the West Coast.

The Winelands

The main areas of wine – Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl – all lie within walking 60 to 90 minutes (east) of the town. It's not easy to choose just d '#; A lover may have a red wine to stick to Stellenbosch, who's a Creating most of the country's red and is a chi-chi university with a lively café and artistic culture. Franschhoek is the most likely: narrow narrow valley surrounded by mountains, and the town with the best highway in Cape Cape.

Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are wild for the Cape's main war, both with the density of the most famous restaurants in the country: Jordan's Restaurant, Terroir, Rust in Vrede and Overture are all regulators in the annual Eat Out Awards, As long as Franschhoek is nearby The Dail, the Employer Chamber, where Oliver Cattermole has recently taken over from Margot Janse, The Kitchen at Maison and Pierneef from La Motte – the winners of her & # 39; in the best 10; of the country. If you have enough time, visit the two sections, passing Pass Helshoogte with the amazing scenes on her; glen (here, Del Aire and Tokara are attending these scenes along with foodstuffs). If you love wine and food, it's really worth spending some nights after Cape Town and spending them in the Winelands.

If you have an old perspective, do time to explore the wine section that is downloading in Darling or Elgin, where more attractive rural scenes in Elgin are larger in vinegar orchards – which is remarkably shown in more established, enhanced wine regions.

From Elgin you can go to Hemel in Glen Aarde, near Hermanus – all the wine that is made here is beautiful but in particular the cardonnay and pinot noir sections; confirm again the importance of terrorism.

If you are interested in the architecture of Cape Dutch, Tulbagh (about 90 minutes away from the town) is very beautiful, and makes good enough wine to commission the trip. And finally, Bosjes Farm is located in Glen River Bann, a great stop on a Cape Town road trip and the best available through the Slanghoek valley. Visit the modern chapel inspired by Corbusier before eating at the Kombuis restaurant inspired by Murcutt; The guest house is equal (00 27 23 004 0496;

Coastal just

Clarence Drive is a great way to navigate – as big as to # 39; crossing the Chapman's most famous and most famous platform. Although the latter connects Hout Bay with Noordhoek, Clarence Drive is a " flows between Gordon Bay (the R44 is a 25 minute turning from the center of the town on the N2) to the Hermanus town that lies to the east of its home (90 minutes full of traffic be).

This is an essential driver if Chapman's Summit is closed, or even an extra day trip, although it is best if this is the first stop on a road trip because it's a 3 hour tour time by car to Hermanus. Surely, it is worth doing if you want to find out about the right right pigs that will turn to the bed and go to it; nurse in the disaster waters on her & her; This coastline: from August to October, the Overberg coast (especially around the cliff of Hermanus) Providing the best land to look at whales around the world.

Just before Hermanus arrives at the Hemel valley in Aarde (Nèamh and Tir), a terroir that creates beautiful and purple shoes – they taste at Bouchard Finlayson and Hamilton Russell and then a meal at Wine Creation.

Above Hermanus, Stanford's beautiful town, with the beautifully preserved streets and hilly hills, and on the east is Gansbaai, where thousands are close to baskets with basking sharks white white and live to tell the story; Marine Dynamics ( is a promising cricket shark recreation.

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