Changing lifestyle can reduce cancer risk by 30%


"There are genetic causes that we can not change, but this disease is caused by a large extent by attending representatives that are present in materials that are eaten, drunk or on the redirect, so it is important to change these habits to the risk of cancer development, "said the expert. .

The head of the National Cancer Institute of Natural Sciences (INCAN) tunnels department of Mexico explained that, according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, the number of cancer around the world could increase by 50% for the year 2030

In Mexico, cancer is the third cause of death. Only in 2013, according to INCAN figures, 195,925 new cases were detected and 84,172 deaths were made.

As a result Bargalló Rocha said that the best way to address these figures was to encourage research and to encourage information and education in the wider population.

That is why he is today giving up the campaign for information on how to do it; Cancer prevention is at risk of developing cancer at risk of & # 39; cancer development, INCAN, along with the Mycical College for Cancer Research (CMIC).

"People need to know that carcinogens are in foods that eat, drink or disinfect, and that, together with genetic factors, affect the development of a tumor," said Bargalló.

The initiative attempts to share baseline information, where it is possible; Invite the public to go to their first medical doctor if they have any suspicion of cancer, as well as to do so; Encourage education for self-prevention and access to judgment.

The campaign includes five posts that are; Include to provide information about how to #; blocking, feeding and eating; general nutrition, time finding, smoking and hereditary cancer.

He explained the causes that were prevented from cancer prevention, tobacco is the only biggest impact in preventing the development of his / her; this disease.

"It's important to reduce or eliminate the expense of this purpose for most of the world's cannons," he said.

In this regard, he said smoking is worried because it is known that the people are beginning to go. Smoking is always at a younger age, and in women this device has grown.

In terms of hereditary cancer, the specialist said the population needs to be identified to identify risk factors.

In that sense, he explained that one in 10 people might be able to develop cancer for cancer.

"For example, when there are more than two relatives in a straight line with cancer, when the tumor appears in group groups on both sides (the breads or mammals) when the age of the show is much more is normal or when it occurs in rare sex, you may be suffering, "he said.

He explained that there is a ban on the main risk factors, as well as the prevention of a number of cancer types, and also; contribute to the reduction of other types of illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, The first cause and second cause of death in the world.

This campaign, which is active this month, said Bargall, that he aims to be a starting point in the country to reduce the number of cancer in the future generations.

"We know that it is a long-term job, but it is the idea that the population is more aware of the risk factors that lead to cancer and, in particular, raise awareness of those who can stop "finished. EFE


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