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Household energy debts increased to almost 50% per year in 2018. These are not debts for ongoing improvements, but debts for contracts completed. According to experts, it is a big increase in these debts that their suppliers have to change a large number of households. T

Several hundred thousand people change their energy supplier each year in the Czech Republic. For example, in the past year, 263,000 gas users have decided to save 570,000 electricity users.

“Some people don't respect their responsibilities for ending contracts. For example, they do not pay final bills or fines for early termination, and their suppliers are repaid to them, ”Jakub Zetek, Chief Executive Officer of the MBA Finance, explains to Pravo, who controls applications from large energy companies.

For the most part, those who do not pay are forgottenJakub Zetek, Senior Operating Officer of MBA Finance. T

According to the information, the average energy debt is gradually decreasing. It now has 1160 crowns, which is roughly the same as one monthly payment. However in 2012 average debts were almost 150 per cent higher. This can be due to the improved economic conditions of consumers, but can also prevent suppliers failing to recover their debts and deal immediately with them after quality.

“Usually, today, unpaid payers are left with negligence, but people refuse to accept the claims of companies and are not afraid to go against credit. We try to explain the type of debt to them, as contract terms are 99 per cent on the provider side, and agreement on what will be a happy solution, "Zetek said.

If the creditor does not pay, the court will decide the dispute. Completion completed. Hundreds of debts have hundreds of pounds of interest, a fine, legal service costs, a court and a death of ten thousand.

Confirm your commitment

“For some, this may be just the start of a debt visit that is destroying its life,” Zetek said of the dangers of too much penalties if creditors do not solve problems in time.

Experts recommend that people who want to change providers are not just assessing the price of their own, but they also pay for the services that accompany the election. They should also discover what the terms and conditions are and whether they mean they have other responsibilities from their relationship. In order not to pay some taxes and to stop banning a large fine to save a few, ten crowns are saved per month.

If the contract terminates they should have a written confirmation of how to settle each debt.

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