Changing the order of the FACh costs more than 438 million pesos National


Chilein Air Force, (FACh) reported by the fact that the station's command was the last change cost 634,452 dollars, equal to $ 438,095,291.

The information was circulated after the complaints about it President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, queried the cost of the service.

Costs include a cocktail for 1364 people, worth $ 7,755,497. Regarding the ceremony, Payment was paid for tents, torches, messages, expansion, light, food and food bundles that amounted to $ 22,337,115.

In relation to foreign authorities, the C were invitedHead of Air Forces commander from Argentina and Brazil, as well as the National Texas Guardian of the United States of the United States of America, giving $ 1,289,354 for the food and lodging of those authorities.

The cost associated with the Operating and Support activities is to $ 55,261,452 (equivalent to US $ 80,030).

In terms of Fastening of Air Media, 72 airplane was considered, with a cost in fuel and machinery of $ 554,422, equivalent to national currency to $ 382,833,839.

For all of the above, a total cost of $ 634,452 at an order preparation service, equivalent in national money, was $ 438,095,291.

In the statement about the FACh he explained that he had been given Guidance for the Central Government to reduce costs in rituals and protocol activities, which includes, among others, a & # 39; reducing the number of military aircraft in rituals.

In addition, the instinct itself sent President, Sebastián Piñera, to a & # 39; look after use fiscal facilities.

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