Channing Tatum and Jessie J – are reinforcing the relationship by mentioning the song


Hollywood Channing Tatum (38) and Jessica Ellen Cornish (31), Best Artist in Residence Jessie J, were today joined in October last year.

Since then, both turtle tunnels have been seen several times, and have recently failed to hide the outlook of the outside world.

In mid March, Channing and Jessie showed their love of laughing with the streets of London, and according to US Weekly, the duo had a problem keeping an eye on their own eyes.

Sympathetic congratulations

So far Channing and Jessie have not made mention of the relationship, but yesterday the previous post-Instagram struck out on the 31st birthday of the song singing t . The post, Magic Mike, has just won an award for being selected with an ever smaller record of burial.

– Asking for the happiest day of love and light. You came into the world today and you tell it. You have blessed the eyes, ears, hearts and life, which the actor star wrote, and sent to you:

– Thank you for yourself. You're so special. Congratulations to the baby day, Channing wrote in the post.

STYLE CHANGE: The actor Channing Tatum, among others known as "Magic Mike", has undergone a dramatic change in style recently. It isn't just for everyone to taste. Program leaders: Kine Proud and Jonas Hammer
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The pressures on the supporters have been mad and a number of loving words have been shared and congratulations to the two starred in the field of view.

– I have seen that you and Jessie are their soul friends, and now you are together. We congratulated one of the outcomes.

– Channing Tatum, you have the biggest heart. A lucky man, a lucky woman. If you both want the very best in the world, another said.

– This is the melting of my heart. I'm so glad you are doing my bad behavior. She is the most inspiring one I have ever met. If both of you want a bright future to come together, the third said.

Despite the pleasant comments, it is likely that more people have not grabbed their captives, and are less satisfied.

– Hi?! Are they together, ask one.

– I thought it was a joke that he was wanting to push Jessie up writing one.

– Another person who is knowledgeable about love and discomfort at the same time will write about a third.

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Appears on social media

Before this, Channing and Jessie have communicated a number of positive messages to each other on social media.

When the British singer showed Instagram her own photo in bikini with a number of nail planets at the end of February, among other things, the Hollywood Checkout wrote the following: t

– The best food model Instagram is available now.

Channing Tatum was seen several times at the J.1 events, and in November it appears more than the rest of his 17,000 fans involved in Instagram.

Then the actor told him that, on 31 years after she, at a concert in London, she announced to the public that she cannot have any children at the concert.

This woman opened her heart entirely on stage at Albert Albert Hall. Those who were today saw something very special. He was beautiful.

Supporting the new flame of an existing person

Last month, the wonderful news that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan (38) would be divided. The couple had been married for nine years, and together their daughter Everly (5).

Jenna and Channing should have gone further after her bankruptcy; and in November, once everybody had the opportunity to have a really good atmosphere between her and him. and the one she never had.

On her Instagram story, 38-year-old Jessie J gave the protection after defenders hit out hard against her. Several said that the two shoes were very sympathetic, and a number thought that Channing had chosen a genuine copy of the previous wife.

In a longer post on Instagram, Jessie J wrote, amongst other things, that it's wrong with other people to compare it with another beautiful woman.

“I have spent every child trying to be comfortable with my own body, just like so many other young girls,” she wrote.

In addition, the singer says that everyone is good enough, just as they are. She also didn't hide that she has been struggling over the years, but that she now wants to make music that will help others.

Just a few hours later, Jenna celebrated her artist's open mind.

Support: Jenna Jessie J replied on Instagram. Photo: Dump screen / Instagram
Support: Jenna Jessie J responded to Instagram. Photo: Dump screen / Instagram
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– Amen, Jessie! Women for women all the time. There is no room for decimation. Living in a world where we support and build each other. As I said earlier, there are positive signs all the time. Nothing but much more, Jenna wrote in her career on Instagram.

Private information from the situation

Jessie J has been an outstanding member of the music scene. The 31-year-old with her first entry "Do It Like a Dude" broke at the end of 2010, and her second “Price Price” went in number one in the single list in Britain.

In November Jessie appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and turned out to be a concert out of the ordinary.

By number of media, E! The online song appeared with a personal and religious impression from the stage.

– Four years ago, I was told that I cannot have children. It's ok, I will have children, I have confidence. When my doctor told me, my answer was "Oh hell nooooooo".

The Songstones: He grew very personally at Jessie J's concert in November. Here she is designed again in 2017. Picture: NTB scanpix
SONG Star: He grew up personally at Jessie J's concert in November. Here she is designed again in 2017. Picture: NTB scanpix
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Jessie J made the announcement before playing with the song "Four Letter Word".

The artist explained that the song was a direct result of the heavy message from the doctor.

– I don't mention this for sympathy. I am one of a million of women, and men, who have passed through this and are planning to go through. I would make this song for myself in a time of sadness and sorrow. But also giving me and other joy in the form of a listening to the turbulent times.

“So, if you've ever seen something like this, or know of someone else who has been through, or lost a child, then you're not alone with the pain,” she continued. T the site.

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