«Chaomi» to offer a secure camera capable of the entire home


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Chaomi China has launched a home safety camera (360 °) and 360-degree 360-degree watch camera throughout the day. It is also equipped with night vision and smart smart sensation, which can be used to monitor the home and communicate with anyone from anywhere. It also captures and hosts; 1080p video record. The watch smart also has launched the Chaomi Band 3 with the OLED screensaver, it is equipped with a battery that lasts twenty days and is 50 meters water.

Donovan Singh, product leader and marketing of Chaumi International, said that Egypt is an important market in the expansion of its company in the department, Emphasizes the desire of its company to make more choices for people who want technology in Egypt to enjoy a better life through innovative technologies.

As part of its strategy that focuses on middle-level phones, company has introduced the Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Lite phones over the past week. The AI ​​double-back camera is a key indicator and a high performance camera that corresponds to the light of light when they produce silva images.

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