Chaos commenced: some of Hwy 7 closed, rubbish on Hwy 417


Hwy 7 rushes close to the Tatlock Road and Road Road Road are slowly rolling down; morning today.

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Give yourself an extra time if you're going anywhere today.

The last day, Environment Canada provided a remarkable climate requiring snow and heavy bridges. In particular, they warned him:

"This snow may be affected by traveling in the morning. Motorists should be prepared for winter driving conditions due to poor roads as the roads may not be is not covered with snow cover and slippery. "

They were right.

The conditions are getting worse and there are already some questions to deal with.

At about 8 a.m., OPP stated that Highway 7 had opened Townline and Tatlock roads after it was banned for more than seven hours after the spread and shuttle of a tractor truck.

"It is suggested that drivers will be expected to have problems when the traffic is cleaned and be aware of road conditions in the department," police warnings.

OC Transpo warned that a delay could be a service to travel; this morning. "Deal on (and) take an earlier trip," warned the service.

In terms of 7:45 a.m., the police involved dealing with dozens of disasters, including a man in whom they were killed; Passengers suffered unnecessary injuries during the Aviation Parkway and Montreal Road. Judges were currently evaluating a 14-year-old boy for a pneumatic pain after the 7:40 emergency. East Walkley Road was reduced to one road at Southmore Drive due to a fight, a home traffic center was reported.

The airport was affected as a dance of early journeys to Toronto and Toronto was suspended or repaid due to poor illness there. Check with your transporters.

Ottawa mainland built debris on the 417 road east.

The right road and the shoulder were blocked – slowly if you're coming to that place.

Updating: teams that deal with the debris on Hwy 417. As you can see from this traffic camera, traffic is & # 39; begin to dry:

There were no reports regarding the closure of a home buttons, but things seemed worse than in the # 39; glen with at least one traction off in the Renfrew area. Check your local boards.

And this fact from one driver.

More to come.


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