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Chapecó's city, in the west of Santa Catarina's state, confirmed the first dengue scenario introduced in 2019. After recording the case, arrangements are being made to destroy minibeasts. A worm within the city's west neighbors, where the woman, after the recommendation of the Secretary of State for Health, was made.

Dengue case includes a woman, 64, left Brasilia and was in the city of Santa Catarina between 3 March and 4. The information was published by the village hall on Monday (11). .

She gave the disease symptoms and asked a private hospital for medical attention. The Cathedral of Public Health (Lacen) was confirmed on Friday (8).

In 2014 there were 2,686 breaches; in 2015 there were 846 recorded visits; in 2016 there were 514; in 2017 there were 601; by 2018 there were 1023 detections and in 2019 710 detections were detected, with 89% of cases detected.

The types of investments that disclose mosquito emissions are: 46% in waste and waste, 19% in tires, 14% in mobile vessels (buckets, barrels), 12% stores, 6% t and 3% in plants.

In 2019, 6,574 tires were collected or delivered in Ecoponto; 4,990 people were spoken to in educational activities and 128 high level fences and fences were removed.

The number of cases recorded or investigated

Chapecó's epidemiological situation was in 2016, 3,127 cases of dengue investigated, with a confirmation of 820 cases. As early as 2017, 507 cases were investigated with a lodged case. In 2018, a total of 227 cases were examined. In 2019, 70 cases were lodged, 42 negative, 28 awaiting results and one proven substantive case.

Chapecó's first case has been introduced from dengue confirmed in 2019 - Photo: Chapeco Municipal Government / DivulgaçãoChapecó's first case has been introduced from dengue confirmed in 2019 - Photo: Chapeco Municipal Government / Divulgação

Chapecó's first case has been introduced from dengue confirmed in 2019 – Photo: Chapeco Municipal Government / Divulgação

The remains of the village hall space for the inhabitants are leaving the doors and windows; collect birds and animals, as well as line clothes; and the fruit and vegetables were washed well before eating them; avoid being close to the patient's fruit vehicle so as not to communicate.

After the installation, the result is suspended in the air for about 45 minutes. The request and result are agreed by the World Health Organization.

According to the hall, it is important that we dispose of all the possible water to collect water. Study all the ground, and collect all breeding sites. Containers, bottles, pots, glasses, everything must be collected and put in place of waste or covered space. The guidance is that the people will receive their agents and follow the instructions given.

The early survey of Aedes aegypti (LIRAa) at the end of February, at 6.9%, closed or present the Aedes aegypti mosquito at 6.9% of Chapecó's features.

In the classification, entries less than 1 are deemed to be appropriate, from 1 to 3.9 of the warning indexes; and over 3.9 are rated as risk registers. Data from the Department of Health indicates that this is one of the largest pests, and Chapecó's growth rate has never been higher, 6.9% with the mosquito presence which is nearly seven times greater than that required for tar raw output.

• Particular care in the storage and disposal of your waste, held in a closed container and distributed for collection with the normal Urban Cleaning;

• Do not dispose of rubbish or other waste that may collect water in your home garden, a garden of neighbors, the street or empty buildings;

• Keep the water tank clean and full of roof. Also, gripping free gutters from roach to prevent water damage;
• Remove pots from plant pots; if it is not possible to keep them clean and press on at least three times a day;

• When you are changing tires, leave the old tweed shoppers up for the right destination;

• Keep pet sources clean and brutal; water should have been changed on a daily basis; keeping pools always used and properly treated;

• A particular minister when you leave gaps until this care is promised in an absentee's absence;

• Get the Endemic movers and follow the instructions from the team.

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