Charge, the time for electronic Mates in the surveys


The hardest possible to come: the controls. a & # 39; Fisco is preparing to lock electronic invoices X. After the completion of 18 February, the date for taxpayers to file the file system to the exchange system, we will continue to to exams. The tax authorities have to take a challenge to a large extent: 228 million documents have already been submitted and, as the 24 Month Unit says, at least 2.3 million activists have used the register electronic power supply. The Tax Office is in fact the use of the information available to carry out a series of checks. The data obtained by the Tax Office will be used on two sides as published by the Tax Director, Antonino Maggiore.

On the one hand, they will expand and go to; Strengthening surrender jobs, on the other hand, for the worst issues, such as those involved, the controls begin. In a short time, the Tax Office is already ready to make "confirmation" information that it may be in a level that is now full-time to reach a & # 39; registration of 1.8 billion bills. With the risk of penalties around the corner, a large part of electronic invoices were introduced in the first part of February. The number of documents has been duplicated immediately: from 100 million scheduled documents in January, it has risen to 228 million in the first half of February. Therefore, the activists have implemented the reform and they are trying to reduce the reduction of error during the level of conglomeration. But now, the inspection of the cards will control the taxes system to the center of the scene.

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