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29/03/2019 8:50

Many small values ​​today are among the recommendations of analysts, including the recent publication of French. The list is strengthened in the course.

  • Adomos: GreenSome Finance is still buying with target prices of 1.30 1.75 EUR.

  • Arix Bioscience: Jefferies is still buying, but has reduced the course target by 288 270 GBp.

  • Ateam: Midcap Partners Louis Capital Markets are still the merchants with a target of 17.30 17 EUR.

  • Boskalis: AlphaValue recommended a reduction in its purchase, and a target of 27 27.10 EUR.

  • Bears: Berenberg is still a customer, but reduced his price by 29.25 EUR.

  • Deinove: Midcap Partners Louis Louis reduced his target by EUR 3.80 2.70 by staying as a merchant.

  • Egide: The GreenSome fund is still in production but has been reduced by 2.60 2.10 EUR with its aim for the course.

  • Evraz: Citigroup runs from buying neutral by having the 611 GBp target.

  • Infineon: Commerzbank are still buying, but it has reduced the price target by 25 24 EUR.

  • Norsk Hydro: AlphaValue is still available but has reduced the course target by 54 NOK 50.80.

  • Partners Group: Morgan Stanley puts emphasis online over CHF target price 700,785.

  • Poste Italiane: MainFirst starts to search for better results by aiming for EUR 10.

  • Standard Life Aberdeen: Jefferies still buys it but reduced the course size by 410,361 GBp.

  • SQLI: Genesta is a strong consumer, with a modified target of 32.90 32.70 EUR.

  • Varta: Berenberg is still a merchant with a special price of 36.50 EUR 43.

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