CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL: Investigating the discovery that Belk is based on Charlotte as the best seller for Black Friday


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – With millions of Americans who surrendered for one of the most frequent retail weekends, what retailers do they have? offers biggest bang for customers for their buckets? The personal finance website, WalletHub, has released a new analysis in an attempt to answer that question.

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The seller does not sell land along the WalletHub site except Belk based in Charlotte for giving the lowest discounts on this Black Friday.

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That name came after WalletHub investigated 7,000 blackhouse houses from 35 largest retailers. Having looked at the advertisements, he analyzed the average discount offered by each dealer, except only the unions that did not have percentages of percentages . WalletHub said he gave more credit to retailers who could issue higher ticket items by sending them up to date. focus on the average contract based on its # 39; pre-concessionary price.

Belk customers can expect average savings of 68.9% of this material to save Black from the national department's resource set, according to the survey. That's up from 62.8% last year.

check it out this slider show to check out what shops it's for Black Friday this year, according to WalletHub.

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