Chase Debate: Brain Bread Taiwan and Chinese Economy


The magazine magazine told 2015 statistics as the 10 million employees in Taiwan said, 720,000 people working on the other side, including many of the Taiwan high-quality bones. Not only the talents that are special in the high quality market, but also the newly graduated students within their sniper. Under the guidance of Chinese government policies, Taiwan's students have made a great inspiration for "going to China to explore and protect employment opportunities." China's unique impact, how young people in Taiwan are in China; Choose between national identity and bread? Does Taiwan's influence affect China's flow of positive or negative overlapping relationships? Does it stop the national security crisis in Taiwan?

John F. Hopkins, Huang Yuxi's visitor, said: "The fundamental issue of Taiwan's brain failure is still their own economic development. In the entire Taiwan economy, there are many jobs that appear to be no blue. Taiwanese is Choosing to work in China's mainland. The reason is very simple, that is, the salary is much higher than Taiwan. "

Yan Jianfa, professor at the Jianxing University of Science and Technology, believes China began to engage in the World Trade Organization in 2002, opened on a large scale, and the impact of the tarries has become more stronger and stronger. Due to its language, Taiwan is more unified in the Chinese society.

Professor Yan said: "There have been a lot of businesses moving there (China), and talents have moved there too. Indeed, they will not be discharged in Taiwan, which will reduce Taiwan's investment and consumption of Taiwan. If there is no business innovation in Taiwan, education is still in place. In particular, English is not good enough to attract new businesses, which have led to the loss of blood but without new blood added. This is the current problem in Taiwan. "

When they talk about the influence and relevance of what they are doing, happened as a result of China's market and its huge influence on Taiwan youth identity, Huang Yuxi says: "At this time, young people in Taiwan will take away politics from the economy. They can not agree with the political government. But, economically, I can recognize with my own interest. I think this is the main way of future cross-border development, that is, how many a person in ideology, and how many people can negotiate in economic development. "

Professor Yan Jianfa said: "I saw 70% of people agree that they are Taiwanese. This is already very high. As long as statistics are in place, as long as # 39% of which are higher than 65%, they are all constant. The Society, many land (continental woman) may come in, may have different ideas & # 39 , children. I think this should not be a big problem. Secondly, the work is now, many people are going to work on the mainland, If a proportion of immigrants and tall jobs, there is a national security crisis in Taiwan. Many say he's going to work in China as a new knowledge, because China is the international level after everyone, to add to the restart. But in the long run, there is no way. If you're staying there, because it will consider it in the long run time, and document There is no place on the mainland. If you return to Taiwan, there is no place. So it's OK to be aware of the work in China's mainland as a move. I am think everyone is from it. There are different ideas when making choices. If you go there and work and immigrants, it's an emergency, but at this time I do not see such a problem. .

Huang Yuxi also said that he hoped Taiwanese people can develop democracy and human rights on mainland when they work on the mainland. If this is the future way forward, he believes that the future of both sides can live a peaceful way.

Finally, Yan Jianfa said: "Jane is often saying that it is the last word's development. My opinion is that democracy and human rights are the last word. It's not just a political life democracy and human rights but also economic life. Although Taiwan has evolved in recent years, there is a lot of belief, but it can be found that Taiwan's development is still as fair and consistent. At least when Taiwanese is feeling happy, this is a good thing. When international travelers want to come to Taiwan, this means that the environment remains Very good. I do not think I can look at this case as a job opportunity or economic signals. I want to look fairly. I'm feeling so long & # 39 ; and we are keeping with the main loi Democracy and legal freedom, the economy is good, non-economic, there will be one. Coherent development. "

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