Chau WhatsApp: The application will be Fun Fun mode


Ongoing, WhatsApp includes new features. According to transcription, there is a voluntary procedure.

Given the best advocacy application, they are the best way for friends, family or colleagues trying to communicate. However, sometimes the number of messages that you collect can be misleading. For this reason, a Holiday Fashion application so that you can really enjoy the ceilidhs.

With the new work, messages will not be visible once the request is opened, thus eliminating the disruption of open working groups or learning partners.

However, discussions will be available if you enter the handwriting of the archive talk folder.

According to the WaBeta technology site, the holiday mode indicates that group conversation is still asleep, but the content is on the archive and can be accessed at any time.

In addition, it is specified that archive conversations will still be displayed by its user by clicking on the " come to a holiday, even when messages come.

At the same time, it was noted that the user can choose all the conversations that he wants to stop it and does not want to know how to archive them to be aware that he will not see it them again or do not know if it does not do it. (

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