Check Bethesda for its policy to return with Fallout 76


The players and some Bethesda fans are not happy Map Unlock (Open). The title was involved in a number of disputes before being launched and later its community found that there were major problems with its performance. game.

As a result, some of the players were looking for ways to return the game and get a refund for a bad problem. However, a number of reports show that Bethesda has not accepted all messages.

According to a number of users reddit (via Indutry Games), a number of backup fans have hosted the days in the version of their PC game. However, for some reason, the company did not accept it again in the past.

The immigration company published Migliaccio & Rathod on its text blog and verifies that it is; Bethesda's research to return its policies by Map Unlock (Open). Their behavior emphasizes the difficulties that have occurred; the title when it was launched and the bad problem of the players.

"Players can not try to repay it because of the technical difficulties of doing that game since sending them down, leaving them by & # 39; play so the packs are being taken to a game that can be played, "he wrote. Migliaccio & Rathod.

The law company offers different means of communication for players to tell their knowledge with their; reimbursement process. For now it is unclear where this investigation is going and if any kind of class action lawsuit is planned against the developer.

Bethesda took action on the case by going to # 39; launching its first set of games, with a weight in consoles over 40 GB. Despite this, it does not have a & # 39; The community is totally happy with the results. However, it is the fact that its company is working on the best.

Map Unlock (Open) It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Follow this link to add more related news.

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