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NSW Health is urging the pregnant women and new parents to be aware of the coughing symptoms and to ensure that they and their children are temporarily immunized.

Despite almost 95 per cent of babies in NSW who are experiencing vaccine is now against her disease, the numbers still have a & # 39; Every three or four years happen as community immunity is coming to an end, and recent high numbers have come to an end; show that a breach could be on the road.

Dr Vicky Sheppeard, NSW Healthcare Director of Health, said in October 2018 that nearly 800 people in NSW were considered by cough (pertussis), the highest number since October 2016.

North American Public Health Director Greg Bell said that there was a similar situation with his / her; appeared in the North NSW where there were 36 cough cases reported in the past four weeks.

Although these levels of coughing throughout North NSW are similar to the previous five years, there are pertussis notices to move up.

The most recent quarterly report of the Australian Vaccination Register shows 90.4 per cent of five-year-olds and 88.9 per cent of 12-month-olds in the NSW Local Health District; vaccine was completed by September 2018.

These figures increase the prevalence of vaccination rates in 2010 under the North Eastern Regional Health Service, then, when 84.9 per cent of children aged 5 and 87 per cent of 12-month-olds d '; completely solved.

Even the numbers that are on the # 39; vaccine is not really possible to abolish the cough.

"Chough is challenging for community control, since it is a serious infection and that the contraction of the cough is over a long time, despite that disease from getting the disease or because of their vaccination, "said MrBell.

"This means that the number of people who tend to cough in the community builds over time and this can cause longer spices or symptoms of the disease.

"The purpose of cough control is to protect babies, with the greatest risk of severe disease or death if they are coughing. An effective vaccination is effective. effective to prevent hardship. "

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