Check out the series of Artegirl Episode 124 Diriliş Ertuğrul Part V to be returned through the first Turkish channel only and in an interpreter


The fifth part of the drama that does not have a & # 39; Research on day and night, as one of the largest Turkish sessions that runs and hosts; Research in all aspects of the Arab world, as it is popular because of the exciting events that show our history before our eyes, it is worth mentioning that four parts have been donated over four years until the show stopped in the fourth part in the # 39; fourth part of the 121 program, which led to an increase in the level of inspection.

The series of artegirl resurrection episode 124

When the end of the forty-fourth phase of the Artegral resurrection series became the historical period before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, which was a conflict between the Mongols and the Crusaders and Turks, Turkish director Arthur Artgrel trying to control things, but he died at the end of his fourth season, Osman, Osman's ferry start and start her. Starting to deal with such coherent things to his father, and he started to becoming increasingly passionate about this dramatic work and the future events and events.

The Season Artgarl

It is worth saying that the episodes of the second episode in Part V, are finishing by & # 39; stealing historic assets. This is the Sultan Alaeddin plan, to destroy the Mongolia vessels and start the new Turkish state, the Ottoman Empire. In the middle of the Mongols to know their news, and the acceptance of this property was headed by Artegrel chiefly to attack the Mongols, as he wanted to take it back quickly.

It is a question that the Mongols will be read within a & # 39; box in historical documents and destroy the dream about going to # 39; the construction of the Ottoman state, or that the Turks return back. It is worth saying that these questions are answered in the next program 124 of Season 5 Artgrel season.

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