Chelsea has more than 1700 billion dollars


Monday, November 19, 1818 13:16 PM (GMT + 7)

The rival, Alvaro Morata, was once again on the people who loved him; Ability to be amazingly lost.

Morata lost his game in Spain – Bosnia (11/11/2018)

After England defeated Croatia 2-1, Spain finished their trip in the League of Nations Nations 2018/19. The adverse effect in Zagreb on Enrique's coach had only got six points after four tours and finished the second. With this result, Spain will continue to stay in the UE League League League Nations next week but it was not suitable for the finals of this season.

Morata lost the classic: Chelsea has regretted over 1,700 billion - 1

Morata makes people surprised by her & # 39; incredible step

Enrique coaches the opportunity to win the game when the Bosnia team is in a friendly game. Unfortunately, the Spanish followers are safer "when they look but lost the amazing strike Alvaro Morata.

The Chelsea players have got this format with five after 13 visits in the English Premier League. This is why the old Barca Morata coach was called to the national team.

46 minutes, Morata was not tied but went out at a close distance. However, this level is lost and do nothing to the situation later. After 57 minutes, Bosnia's backdrop went out of the border and member of Asensio to the Morata cascade at a distance of several meters from the enemy's aim.

However, this striker left everyone with her & # 39; linking it to "turn to another" the ball out of the goal was open widely.

This is the first time that people who have not seen Morata have seen it; laments something like that. In the long run, a Spanish stripper played galaxies when he decided to lie over the head of Hennessy (1.98 meters deep) nearby.

Seeing the opportunities to do; It was necessary to eat a continuous strike that was holding a # 39; club, was the Abramovich chairman concerned about £ 60 million (about 1.700 billion) on "Morata Wooden Cases"?

Spain - Bosnia: the death of the hidden warriors

Spanish Guardian on a home field during the day coach. Enrique brings many players.

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