Chelsea's former manager has been in cancer for more than a year


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Shocking news said the famous striped Italian Gianluca Vali, who was one of the biggest football stars in the 1990s.

Vali says he has cancer and has been suffering victimic disease for a year. The former Chelsea manager's "Hits" biography was released on Tuesday in Italy. 98 stories +1 to deal with the most difficult challenges, "and talk about the serious problem facing the illness.

In front of Corriere dello Sport, he shared the illness by ensuring that healing was good and his / her; feel good now.

"I would like to go without it, but it was not possible, then I thought that it was a level of life that needed to be confident and because we all needed learn something. " I started writing the book to help people find the right way, I have some inspiring phrases, some mantras, and I'll connect them to stories of big athletes to understand.

I know it was difficult and difficult to tell my family, my family. You never wanted the people who were injured: my parents, my brothers and my sister, my wife Catriona, our little girls Olivia and Sofia. And it will make you embarrassed, as if it were your offense; there.

At first I was hiding, I did not want others to see, I wanted to know Vally. But then, I decided to tell my story in a book, "said Vali.

"Right now I feel good. I started to get on, although I do not know how this" game "will end.

I need to spend sugar under my shirt so I can not understand what I was going to do; suffer. I hope to tell my story in the book to encourage a lot of people who have survived.

I also want to have my book on a visitor's site so everyone can read stories about sleeping. One of the phrases that was written; I had a wall when I was going to; to handle our message: We are as a result of our thoughts.

The important thing is to be achieved, it is important to think about a successful way. Life is 10% of what is happening to us and 90% of how we handle it, "said Vally.

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