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"I would like Taiwan" Chen Boliang launched its "2018 BE HEROES International" International Football Four-Year Football Championship Competition, and went to the show on the late 17th, & # 39 ; including the opening ceremony of the show, including Kai Baosheng Chairman of Kaiji Bank, Chairman of the Chinese Football Association Qiu Yiren, Zhan Yi The International Chairman of Zhang Xianming is on the program. As a result, the national football team from the Lu Kunzhen football team, who was an entertainer, was not successful, but who received the personal "football football" role.

"Everyone sees that I'm so funny today, I know I'm really motivated for this goal!" Lu Kun said to her; game, he started third-class play, but there was no competition, and the fourth level started; preserving the objectives. Desiring to & # 39; score in the game. He also said to Zhang Xianming, who was a basketball player with a host guardian, "Sorry," you do not have to be sorry, I have a lot of experience to lose & member! "

Zhang Xianming (left) hosted a red squad game player, and almost played by the white team Wei Baosheng (white middle team). Fortunately, his team crew up the gap and Zhang Xianming let laughter and say good luck. (picture by Li Hongbin)

The exhibition was divided into two teams, the red and white teams, Chen Bailiang, Wei Baosheng, Lu Kunyu in the white team, Zhang Xianming, Qiu Yiren and Fang Jingren's Common Football Secretary, the executive role of Wen Zhihao, Chen Yiwei in the red crew. Interestingly, Zhang Xianming was a proprietor of a company of association with Chen Boliang. Chen Bailiang, who was watching, gave her; Zhang Xianming started the first time to remove the hands and attach them to the shoes. He even put the door secretly. As a result, Zhang Xianming prevented glass.

"At the time, Bai Liang was in the middle range. I made it out and tied my shoes. I did not expect how good Bai Liang's eyes were!" Zhang Xianming said after his game. Chen Bailiang praised and said: "I did not expect the constitutional response to be so fast, to see if the board needed to play for football." Red Squirrel was responsible for Chen Yiwei and Wen Zhihao to break the door and win 2-1.

Chairman of Kai Bao, Chairman of Wei Baosheng (from the right), Taiwan Area General Manager, Kang Xiaoling, President of the Chinese Football Association Qiu Yiren, Captain Chen Bailiang Chinese Football Team, Zhang Xianming, Convener Zhang Xianming, and Fang Jingren's Chinese Football General Secretary together. (picture by Li Hongbin)

Wei Baosheng was also one of the promoters of this international showcase competition in secondary school, and asked members of the old school soldiers to participate in a partnership. creating a red and white face. Wei Baosheng said promptly after their game: "I saw the skills of international players. I never had the opportunity to play with them. Everyone is very enjoyable and their exhibitions are more than usual . "

Regarding the International Secondary Celebration on the second day, the Japanese Business League School continued its conversation, and # 39; hanging on Lin Dasuke and Fujimoto Akira's "Mei Kai 2nd" to visit two destinations, and the Shimizu High School High School 3-1 secondary championship The next rewards won Hong Kong Kowloon City Sheng Kung Hui tomorrow. Huwen High School had Kowloon City Sheng Kung Hui 2 to 2, Ming and Qing Shui re-played the finals of the highest fills in the last season.

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