Chen Guoqi, director of Jinguang, confirmed that he has received orders from Amazon, and will make a profit next year.


Jinguang optical lens factory (6209) proved an evening law conference. Chairman Chen Qingqi confirmed that 5 of the 7 Mars Project companies have won 5 providers and their home materials were ordered by Amazon. The long-lensed lens was also given in the third season, and it is anticipated that the loss will be reduced quickly this year. Chen Qingqi said that performance in 2019 is better than that in 2018, and his & # 39; company profits. In two years, a & # 39; The company has been the highest student in the flexible industry. In the first three quarters of the year, b & # 39; It is 2.691 billion yuan coming into company, b & # 39; It was a huge gain of 29.85 million yuan, and after a 20.9 million yuan tax, the number lost 0.13 yuan compared to a 0.51 yuan loss for the same time last year. Reduced greatly.

The third season income was more than 1 billion yuan, and reached a high in 8 quarters. Total profit limits in the same season came to 10.35%, an annual increase of 4.25 percentage points. B & # 39; It is the net yield after a tax of 82.7 million yuan, and the total output of each section is 0.51 yuan. Call.

Chen Qingqi said it was a profit development in the third season, and there was more equipment. In a & # 39; Fourth quarter, due to the expiration of the season, it is a & # 39; It is estimated that it will be slightly lower than the third quarter. This year, there will be a slight loss for the year and will be profitable next year.

Chen Qingqi said he was sorry that his company did not make money for shareholders. In a & # 39; The first three quarters, the company installed many lenses but did not; They can not include a & # 39; Most mass representation. Most of them must be implemented from 2019 to 2020. In addition, the sales number of monocular camera lenses this year is unlikely. It is expected to grow well low in the future monocular camera, even if there is no game console lens and mobile phone lenses. The project sequence is not available in & # 39; a new module, and the old module is slightly lower, and as a result lost in the first three quarters.

In the first three quarters, The proportion of monochrome cameras is still up to 58.4%, but its proportion of IOT materials has gradually increased, from 9.4% last year to 12.3%. Other cars were 8.5%, 3.3% game console, 2.1% mobile phone, 2.7% business products, 4.6% indicators. Chen Qingqi said he hopes that the one-eye camera will reach 40% in two years, and others will increase to 60%.

With regard to the level of the display, the current glass lens is 60%, the plastag is 30%, and the roof is about 60%. In terms of capacity, the monthly production capacity of plastic lens is 15 million pieces, 14.8 million glass lenses, and about 1 million molded lenses.

With three glass capabilities, molded glass and plastic lenses, Jinguang has developed other new developments such as mobile phones, cars and internet items. As a result of the competitive competition in the Chinese mobile phone market, its company has moved rapidly on the shape of the European and American IoT and beautiful homes. According to the news, Chen Qingqi has confirmed that the home has received orders from Amazon and it is anticipated that he will start traveling in the third quarter of the next year. The projecter also has a & # 39; Developing the world's largest 4K showcase, which was made in the third quarter.

In terms of the car lens part, there are 10 development issues in Jinguang, two of which will be taken to Baoshi and Ford French French by Magna, the world's third largest self-contained provider, and They are expected to be in the second and third year of the next year. It is expected that more items will be delivered during the season.

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