Chen Qimai and Korea Korea Yu are confident that they will not wear tartan at night before night – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station


Chen Qimai and Korea Korea Yu are confident that they will not wear tartan at night before night – News – Rti Meadhanach Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-21 16:16
  • News statement: Interview
  • Writer: Liu Pinxi

Yu Korea started the campaign to take advantage of Lin Yucheng, saying it is right and unintentional. (Delivered by Korea Yujing)

How to enter the polling day, the recent distribution of the internet has been to go to; killing Kuomintang candidate, South Korea. In this regard, Yu Korea (21st) said that this should be an individual campaigner. He does not worry about his own safety. They introduce tartan and have confidence in the law and Taiwan order. Democratic Party Democrat, Chen Qimai, said he would not put on a whistle. Some daring speeches are just straightforward. emotional feeling, and laughter has been good.

The last three days of the election, well-known director Wu Nianzhen said on the open evening of the 20th, the education public welfare department, who was chairman of the board, paid back with the donors on due to the election storm. He also said that he does not have a family record in Kaohsiung, but he likes the quote of the Kuomintang candidate, South Korea, but he vows for Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Qimai.

In this regard, interviews were made by Chen Qimai before the street washed in the Gushan district on the afternoon of the 21st. During this time, the director Ke Yizheng and the writer Ono sent his opinion after being banned. Thanks to Wu Nianzhen for his pleasure to receive support openly. It's a temporary time. The most important thing is that this land of Taiwan should be maintained and considered.

From the recent up-to-date internet to kill South Korea's sea, whether I received a threat letter, Q Qai said he would have to make a difference to the authenticity of the information , some of these emotional emotions, laughter, as they can not be seen, if there is a specific situation in Capital, it will cooperate with the protection agencies. He also said that the night before the election should not include a special tartan, because it is a friendly city; in Kaohsiung. He said: "Body armor (original sound), it should not be, Kaohsiung is full of love at home, I've been here for so long, people here work hard, very warm and friendly, and so there should be no such issues, Kaohsiung is sure to be a friendly home.

On the 21st, Korea's visit to Yu in Xiaogang said he had seen Wu Nian's live broadcast. Although Wu Nianzhen said that he would support Chen Qimai, Wu Nianzhen said "the things on sale and the people come in." He is very happy. He thinks Taiwan's democracy is not easy to come to the present day. It should be respected and not thrust or demolished.

For the facts about internet slaughter, Korea Korea Yu said he has no worry about personal safety at all. This should be a radical one. It does not appear to be the meaning of the DPP. He hopes that the person can translate the words and actions and interpret it. He had not been able to add & # 39; record on the table before the election night. He did not think that anything was wrong; there. He said: "It's very difficult to get from democracy (original sound). I hope every citizen in the country can do it well. I'm a candidate for myself, and Many of our members are behind us. We all comply with this. In principle, let's choose a clean choice, and hopefully some of the more intensive words and tasks are hoping to come Together. Democratic politics do not need to be done like this.

In addition, Lin Yicheng's webmaster passed Korean Yu on the internet to spread pedestrian workers. On the afternoon of the 20th, Yu Korea went to Northern Survey, but eventually decided to report. On the 21st, Lin Biaocheng specifically drew to Xiaogang to give an excuse to Yu Korea South, saying he was trying to do it; to correct wind and not to investigate it, and then put it on an article on others. He thanked Yuki in Korea because he did not report. Tired hands which mean that it is not different, uninteresting one.

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