Chen Qimai's cannon fire strongly attacks the area of ​​Korea Yu – News – Rti Central Radio Station


Chen Qimai's cannon fire strongly attacks the area of ​​Korea Yu – News – Rti Central Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-19 22:37
  • News statement: Interview
  • Writer: Liu Pinxi

Kaohsiung Mayor TV TV Candidate Debut Debate the Double Defender Debate "The Kaohsiung 2018 Advocate Debate was held in Sanli TV on the 19th century. The debate was made by the Democratic Progressive candidate Chen Qimai (left) and the Kuomintang candidate. Korea "just ball duel" (nice) Yu (nice). (provided by Sanli TV)

A television debate took the election of the Kaohsiung Mawr in the late 19th century. The DPP candidate, Chen Qimai's attempt, was angry. He threw out the local building and business causes then through cross-quest, and tried to emphasize that Yuhòr did not understand the opposition. town. Chen Qimai praised different ways of attracting investment and improving the economy, and questioned that Yu Korea's political ideas were only for Ferris and Taiping Island.

In the last five days of the election, Sanli TV station hosted a television debate by the Kaohsiung Ranger election at 8:00 pm on the 19th century. The DPP candidate, Chen Qimai and the Kuomintang candidate, Korea Korea Yu, got together with gunfire. At the beginning of his speech, Chen Qimai sent his ear to his camera and said he did not; wearing mobile phones. He then said that the election should focus on its home, which should not be damaged, thrust, and shift focus; Yu criticized that Kaohsiung is old and poor, and that Kaohsiung is full of bullying and grain.

During cross-quiz, Chen Qimai proposed a number of Kaohsiung local issues, including the transformation strategy of Lieutenant and Shanwei's fishing port in the Yujia district of Korea, and how the development of To make 14 petrochemical plants in the future, in a & # 39; trying to show that Korean Yu does not understand his / her; town. He said: "You said that there are two major fishing ports in your home. You said that you are not clear. When it comes to the petrochemical industry, you are not sure about it. I'm asking you to say that taxes are charged. If you do not have a tax payment, you can not answer those questions. You are not sure about Kaohsiung's situation. You are only for go to the Taiping Island to excavate oil, so I think that the Yu Korean Committee It is clear that there is no concept of Kaohsiung business situation, which includes the development fishing, and including how the traditional industries are transformed and updated. 」

Korea Yu Yu praised several data, saying that Kaohsiung has many economic shows at the end of the 6. In January this year, Chen Qimai explicitly pointed out that Kaohsiung is facing a number of challenges large, a & # 39; including economic restructuring, age of population growth, financial difficulties, etc. On behalf of Chen Qimai, he also introduced that Kaohsiung is old and poor. It simply said that the voices of the majority of Kaohsiung citizens do not; sing. In this regard, Chen Qimai said that Kaohsiung's biggest growth is the first in the six main cities, and investment is among the best. Kaohsiung debt is due to the construction of areas and areas.

Chen Qimai said that Kaohsiung was a big city with a very difficult transition. After being a sea, he needs to solve the financial problems. It must be dependent on investment, cultural and creative industries to create high quality job opportunities and reduce debts annually. He also questioned that South Korea did not have political views except for Ferris and Taiping Island.

Chen Qimai said he would not stop the DPP's administrative need, and he will not make the problem. It will be beautifully addressing the problems raised by Kaohsiung and to be better than the senior manager; Previously, Chen Ju. He said that someone else could be replaced by the Kaohsiung seaman, but he can not make a change for South Korea. He should not resist Kaohsiung for the election benefit. He believes that the "General Wave" will end, and will come to an end; sun after November 24.

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