Chen Shui-bian's voice shouted on Taiwan's independence vote. The government's cold cure was emphasizing "most respecting public opinion" – ETtoday News Cloud

Chen Shui-bian's voice shouted on Taiwan's independence vote. The government's cold cure was emphasizing "most respects public attitudes". ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Lai Yujun / Taipei Exhibition The old interview by President Chen Shui-bian with the Japanese Sankei Shimbun for President Tsai Ing-wen announced a referendum on Taiwan's independence at an early stage and established a place in the international world, saying that Taiwan does not want to be part of the mainland. In response, the Kola Yotaka Government spokeswoman said on 6th that the Yuan Government would respect the referendum issues raised by law, but also stressed its Most of Taiwan's independence issues are Taiwan's Taiwan Republic. The hospital is the way and its base to respect the majority of public attitudes. "Sankei Shimbun" Japanese "interviewed" published by the old President Chen Shui-bian on 5th. He said that Taiwan was a challenged a real problem of strong protection in the mainland of China and led President Tsai Ing-wen to hold a referendum on Taiwan's independence as soon as possible. Ming said "he is handled by the authority." In this regard, Kolas Yotaka met with Dean Lai Qingde to "serve" the 2018 Smart City City Forum – Build a Future City of the Future "on the 6th and said that" two things here. " She emphasized the fact that any type of referendum had been sent to her; The hospital will respect the issues raised by law. Regarding the case of Taiwan independence, Yuan Government is in the process of cold treatment. Kolas said the Chairman of the Business Affairs of the Continent, Chen Mingtong, also states that the Taiwan Republic of Taiwan is the normal situation that can be done. most people. The Yuan Government is the guide and the basis for respecting the majority of public attitudes. In addition, some US lawyers advocated a bill to indicate that China's mainland continues to dig our friends' corners. Kolas said, because US observers are willing to supporting Taiwan, asked for support from US management and challenge and support for the independence and independence of the Chinese Republic. Countries that need survival from international overseas, and more emphasis on the use of US lawyers, are useful for our real effects and a positive impact. ▲ Kolas Yotaka answered Chen Shui-bian to take forward Taiwan independence …

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