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Chen Yongxing is the name of Yu Dong:

Zhang Yuanzhen General Report / Taipei Town

The referendum on the 13th issue "Do you agree to apply for" Taiwan "as the full name for an application for all the international sporting events and the Tokyo Olympics 2020? On a morning (21), the last television debate. On behalf of Chen Yongxing, the Chinese name should be named "Taiwan". In the end, it was a historical mistake the "Chinese Taipei" and should be corrected.

On behalf of Chen Yongxing, the party's representative, the Chinese Olympic Committee, who has made a complaint on the matter, did not send representatives to the TV to tell the audience, even threatening the people in a threatening tone, and Taiwan will lose the chance to take part.

Chen Yongxing said that a mistake in Taipei Taipei was the name of a & # 39; participating in the Olympic Games in the authoritative and judicial regulations. So, from the perspective of "correct transformation", it should now be "Taiwan."

Chen Yongxing believes that China has not participated in the "Tokyo" international Olympics, such as the 1960s, the Tokyo Olympics 1964 and the Mexican Olympic Games 1968, participating in the name "Taiwan."

Later on, when I went to "Chinese Taipei", the 1976 Montessori Olympics. The International Olympic Committee decided that China should take part in the "Taiwan team", but Chiang Kai-shek asked to use the "Chinese Republic" and even And he has just returned all the competitors. Chen Yongxing criticized that the Kuomintang system was a historical mistake that wanted "to face the mainland".

Chen Yongxing said that the name "Chinese Taipei" is the name that really fails. It is said to be from "Taipei of China" when it goes abroad. If there is a wrong history, it should clarify the truth. If there is a breach of the will of the people, it should be corrected.

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