Chi Pu gave her the hot hot stream in the new MV teaser


Who caused Chi Pu e? Chi Pu is here!

It's almost 6 months since Chi Pu debuted Rose his opinion. The songs, the wild ear and the dancing would help Rose pink cause long-term fever. The confirmation for the success of this program is that the cover is always among spectators completely, even from school to a large extent, the tone Rose pink repeat it.

Since then, the singer's fans have been in pain & Question: Ever since Miss & # 39; Miss Showbiz & # 39; Chi Pu has just returned to a wave of Vietnam evening that was buried in a series of faults. Gu

While he listened to the voices of the fans, then Chi Pu was then pronounced for the new MV. With this #MAVTE hashtag, fans did not see the name of the song back this time. Does it become a terrible name or is not a normal ordinary & # 39 ;?

According to the fans, the names would be the most likely I still love you, look forward to your heart … No, she may play the song name Come back to me why?

However, focusing on the fans of this time is not the focus, not the name, but the sick way, as heavy as Chi Pu. No, she is now a beautiful girl, a beautiful day, and is not so stylish, fashionable with each frame Since today no retro style Talk riam, This new song will definitely reflect Chi Chi's change in her; concept of sexy & # 39; 18+ here.

With just 15 seconds, Chi Pu surprised the spectator when he first came to "sexy" and gave this sexy image to the music. Especially at the end of the teaser, she pulled off her sexy casual brother jacket that led her to her blood loss. Previously, Chi Puidh created a lot of attention and love from the audience.

Dressing for the MV is played with the scene where it is … a & # 39; mourning. A & # 39; winter, Chi Pu had a & # 39; Defeat a cold feeling shirt?

It is known that Chi Pu told the team more time to get ideas, fully prepared with the demand to create innovation on this product. Therefore, all hunting and post-production duration lasted for almost 6 months, was deposited in each of the smallest. #MAVTE was officially launched in November 2018.

#MAVTE Teaser – Chi Pu

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